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Kate Middleton Confirms The Rumor Today


Kate Middleton Confirms The Rumor Today

Prince William And Kate Middleton Divorcing?

Kate Middleton wearing a black coat walking with Prince William, also wearing a coat, during a visit

Last year, a tabloid alleged Prince William and Kate Middleton were divorcing. That did not happen. Gossip Cop debunked the phony story when it came out. Looking back, it’s clear to see how bogus the article was.

In April 2019, the Globe alleged the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were splitting up over “scandalous rumors” Prince William was cheating with a friend, Rose Hanbury. “Prince William and his jealous wife, Kate, are consulting divorce lawyers after their marriage blew up over scandalous rumors he was having an affair,” the outlet contended. The absurd story went on to say Middleton was “humiliated by rumors William was cheating right under her nose and refuses to be played for a fool.”

A supposed source told the publication, “Kate’s heard talk her hubby has carried a torch for Rose for years and told friends she was ‘the one that got away.” The often discredited magazine then claimed the duke and duchess hired lawyers to “talk about money and custody.” The money part clearly struck a chord with this dubious source, since they were far more specific about it than the alleged custody talks. “A $250 million settlement isn’t out of the question. This is a full-blown divorce crisis for William and Kate that could rock the monarchy even more than when William’s father, Charles, divorced Diana,” the supposed tipster added.

The very dramatic tale was completely fabricated and untrue. It’s been exactly a year since the story came out and the royal couple is still very much together. While there was some speculation as to why Hansbury and Prince William were no longer friends, it was not due to infidelity. Furthermore, there was no evidence to support the bogus claim. More reliable and respectable outlets did not report on such a story taking place. The magazine created the ridiculous story with no proof to back up its claim.

The Globe was the same phony outlet that falsely alleged Queen Elizabeth ordered Prince Charles to divorce Camilla Parker Bowles. In March 2019, the unreliable magazine asserted Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, secretly filed divorce papers because the queen “ordered it” since she “wants all family scandals resolved before she dies.” Gossip Cop investigated the outrageous story and found there was absolutely no truth to it. We checked with our source close to the situation who laughed off the story. The outlet has no insight on the royal family and its outlandish stories only tarnish the tabloid’s credibility.

Kate Middleton: Ex-boyfriends before marriage with Prince William

Before Kate Middleton and Prince William ended up with each other, the Duchess of Cambridge had a little romance with other guys. From a journalist to a solicitor, meet the future Queen Consort’s former boyfriends.

With her beauty and wit, it was not far Kate Middleton had a number of suitors when she was young. However, aside from Prince William, there were three men to whom she had a real serious relationship.

Willem Marx

On a list Mirror Online published, it revealed Willem Marx was Kate’s college boyfriend. The two dated when she was at Marlborough, and her friends called him her “first love.”

Today, Marx is also living in London and working as a journalist on CNBC. His expertise is in geopolitical and company news across Europe.

Just like the Duchess of Cambridge, he is happily married to the TV presenter Johanna Botta. He is also now a father of one.

Rupert Finch

Rupert Finch and Kate started to be friends for a year after they met in the university halls. After that, a romantic relationship started to brew.

At the time, Finch was already in his final years as a law student. They ended up dating but were only together for just less than a year in 2001.

“Kate actually had another boyfriend when she first got to St Andrews, Rupert Finch, who by all accounts was a nice man,” a source said, via Mirror. “Prince William, he kind of expressed a bit of interest, but I think Kate was still playing hard to get.”

Kate was not sure yet if she was also interested in Prince William at the time. Today, Finch was already a solicitor.

Henry Ropner

When Prince William and Kate broke up for a while in 2007, Henry Ropner entered the picture. Rumors had it Kate dated Roper, who was eager to cheer her up amid the split, The Sun noted.

Henry is the son of Baronet Sir John Ropner, who owns a £33.7-million shipping management company. He is now married to Natasha Sinclair.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

After three failed relationships, Kate ended up with Prince William. The two met in college, and the Duke of Cambridge, reportedly, decided to take their relationship to a more serious level after a charity fashion show.

According to Woman’s Day, when the future King saw Kate walking on the stage wearing a sheer dress over black underwear, he became an instant fan.

Although they split up in 2007, it was only for a brief moment. They were back on after a couple of months and became engaged in 2010.

In 2011, Prince William and Kate Middleton finally tied the knot in a fairytale-like Royal wedding. They now have three kids.

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