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Alan Jackson’s Family Is Forced To Share Tragic News


Alan Jackson’s Family Is Forced To Share Tragic News

As much as we’d love to anticipate accidents and prepare for them, they will always come unexpected, and all we can do is cope with the consequences in the best way we can. Ben Selecman and his family did not see one coming when he was out on a fishing adventure. The man fell off his boat as he was reaching out to help someone else, and that was the last time Ben Selecman was seen alive.

Alan Jackson and the rest of his family, especially his daughter Mattie, are mourning his sudden and shocking death.

 Alan Jackson’s Family Is Forced To Share Tragic News

Mattie’s husband, Ben Selecman, died when he fell and sustained serious injuries to his head. The man was helping a woman into a boat when he lost his balance and fell tragically. The ambulance came to his rescue, but by the time he got to the hospital, he could no longer hold on. He took his last breath and left his wife and family staring blankly in disbelief.

He had died so young and even worse, he had not been a reckless man, so no one had seen his demise. At least not that way.

As his family reeled in shock, his workers mourned him by remembering all the moments they had spent with him. They said that he had been a friendly man with a mild or no temper, very easy to please and was almost always smiling. The county district attorney particularly remembered his sense of humor and morale for work. Ben was remembered as a very hard working man who took his job seriously while also making time for his family and friends.

A coworker also mentioned that he was very God-fearing. He would be missed terribly at the office.

As Mattie and the rest of his family struggled to come into grips with the shocking news, they released a eulogy that summed up Ben’s life. After the incident, he had died at a Palm Beach hospital after succumbing to his injuries. Selecman had been born and brought up in East Tennessee and had named the hills ‘God’s Country.’

The eulogy also described him as quite the hardworking man. He had grown up with his mother, father and little brother in a small town where he had worked hard to secure a place in law school. He had been awarded a Doctor in Jurisprudence and had worked as the assistant district attorney in Davidson County.

He was a respected man and made people around him feel valued. He was also willing to learn and teach too and ever thought himself too important. He also loved fishing, hunting, and adored nature. He was more alive outdoors when he was exploring nature, and respected all creation. Ben was also a huge fan of country music.

More importantly, he loved God with all his heart and was a committed member of the Great Commission. He loved those he knew and prayed humbly for those that he did not know. He would be missed terribly by his wife Mattie, his parents, parents-in-law and everyone else who knew him. He was an example for everyone to follow and it was hard not love him with his mild manners and gentle nature.

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