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Anne Hegerty weight loss: How much weight did Anne Hegerty lose while she was in jungle? | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV


Anne Hegerty weight loss: How much weight did Anne Hegerty lose while she was in jungle? | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

The Chase star was on a strict diet of rice and beans during her time in the jungle and the campmates have famously been provided measly rations leading to weight loss. The small portions have reportedly led to her dramatic weight loss. She told This Morning presenters Philip Schofield and Rochelle Humes: “The trouble is really that there’s no salt and about a week ago my digestive system just said to me, ‘I’m sorry I’m not having any more rice without beans’.”

She added: “I’ll eat beans, I’ll eat rice with beans, but I’m having no more rice because it’s just going straight through.”

Anne said: “I wanted to be voted off, to put it brutally. I ended up having the most brilliant time, but what was brilliant about it was my campmates…I’m glad to have done it, it’s been an extraordinary experience and yes, it has been a learning curve.”

It is not clear how much weight Hegarty has much weight she has lost while she was in the jungle.

But at the end of the 2017 series of the show, the celebs were said to have lost over six stone between them over the course of the three weeks.

Fans took to Twitter to post: “Would love to know how much weight she lost in there. Thank you for teaching the ignorant more about Autism Anne. I think you did amazingly!”

Someone else typed: “I like her, she’s done so well and lost loads of weight too. Well done Anne!”

Another fan wrote: “Jesus Anne has lost a shed load of weight. She looks good #ThisMorning.”

Anne revealed her campmates have stopped her from walking when she first arrived.

She admitted: “I couldn’t possibly have coped without them. I would have walked out the first morning in Snake Rock!

“But they were just so extraordinarily supportive and kept saying, ‘Just give it a few more hours’ and ‘have a spoonful or rice and beans, you’ll feel better’ [they] encouraged me along and to take one step at a time. They were utterly fantastic.

“They said ‘take it easy’, let’s just get through the next few hours’, then ‘let’s just get through the next day, have one more night in here and see how you feel’…and it gradually began to feel like something I could continue to do.”

She revealed she was overwhelmed with the support she received during her time on the show.

Anne said: “I am sort of getting to grips with it. I have been slowly easing myself back into social media.

“My brother was telling me that social media has gone bonkers in a good way.”

She added: “I’ve learnt that either I can get along with people better than I thought I could or more probably it was an exceptionally nice year full of lovely people.

“Am I glad I did it? Yes, I am. I’m glad to have done it. It’s been an extraordinary experience and a learning curve, but most importantly I’ve made ten fantastic friends.”

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