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Anti-Aging Secrets – How This 42 Year Old Skin Looks So Fantastic?


Anti-Aging Secrets – How This 42 Year Old Skin Looks So Fantastic?

Anti-Aging Secrets – I have some pigmentation in my skin, so I’m a little bit more fortunate and my skin is a little bit more forgiving than the lighter skin type. However, I do suffer from pigmentation from years of Sun and I suffered from melasma. With both of my children every morning a large eighth ounce of hot water with freshly squeezed lemon and ginger. Either has some porridge with some anuki and honey and some berries on top or I have to poach eggs have with meat-free toast and a little bit of butter.

Anti-Aging Secrets

Anti-Aging Secrets

My office is really quite busy. Busy once I get there so I have a nice green juice lots of yummy greens inside of it and is not too vegetable. It has some apple as well as coconut. So it has a little bit of sweetness which I create throughout the day and in the afternoon. I’ll have my lunch which is usually a vegetable-based salad or greens with some protein such as fish or a chicken.

In the evening I have usually a Persian meal, so some rice white rice. However, the way that we cook it is slightly different. We soak it, we boil it and then we rinse it and then we cook it with some homemade stew which was usually some veal in addition to vegetables whether. It’s coriander and chives with celery or if it’s sweet potatoes with chicken and pomegranate. So lots of different varieties of students that we make and I’ll have a small green salad with that.

 Your wrinkles say a lot about what's going on in your mind and body

I do try to limit my intake of sugar essentially. I do think sugar is one of the biggest dangers for the skin. I stay away from alcohol as much as possible because it doesn’t allow me to function the next day and I feel that it from my skin. It really is a very dehydrating factor. I do think alcohol with some people especially as you, age makes you a little bit more lethargic and makes those fine lines and wrinkles a little bit more prominent. Otherwise, I like to eat most foods and I think everything in moderation is good. I do eat pasta, I do eat bread, I have all of those things skin is very much comprehensive with how you live.

Having good sleeping patterns is crucial and maintaining skin health. When we’re sleeping, when our skin rejuvenates and regenerates and then of course exercise. You know you can’t eat really well and then never exercise where we’re basically a machine ourselves. So you know it’s just like taking care of a car. The same way your body is even more important. You have to take care of it and there’s just a lot of different components genetics of one and you know how you live is really a huge factor and how you will age and how you will deal with stress and just live a happier life

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