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Biggest TV Stars Without Makeup – You Probably Won’t Recognize Them All


Biggest TV Stars Without Makeup – You Probably Won’t Recognize Them All

Makeup can be a very useful thing. While we appreciate natural beauty, there are days on which we might not be feeling our best, and a bit of extra help is welcomed. Celebrities, of course, know this very well. And considering that they’re under constant scrutiny, they always want to look their best.

However, every now and then they will go out without any products on their face. While some look almost identical, showing how natural their usual routine is, others look almost like an entirely different person! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite celebs and at their real faces under all those beauty products!

Lady Gaga – Poker Face

It’s difficult to say what Lady Gaga is most known for. She’s such a great artist that she has been able to show her versatility, not only as a singer but also as an actress. Her acting debut in the film, A Star is Born, was met with astounding acclaim.

Furthermore, we also appreciate her outrageous clothes and daring styling when she’s going to perform or walk a red carpet. Gaga is never afraid to defy boundaries and show society her artistry through any means. Using her face as a canvas is just one more way to do so.

Celine Dion – A New Day…

Celine Dion became a successful singer when she was a very young girl. She has dedicated most of her life to music achieving great success. Her Las Vegas residency, A New Day…, broke all records and continues to be the highest-grossing concert residency in the history of the music industry.

Despite suffering great losses such as the death of both her brother and her husband, Celine continues to look flawless. She has become a fashion icon, and she’s now embarked on a worldwide tour titled Courage. However, her upcoming concert in Beirut was canceled in January 2020.

Reese Witherspoon – Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon knows that the key to a successful life is going after what she wants and that she does! From her days in Legally Blonde, she has risen to be not only a successful actress but also an amazing producer. This has allowed her to work on numerous projects that are important to her.

One of Reese’s most recent projects was HBO’s drama, Big Little Lies. But her year has been very busy and she has been working on the much-anticipated, Legally Blonde 3. Maybe it’s all this activity that keeps Reese looking so youthful. That and her constant workout routine seem to be doing wonders for her.

Katherine Heigl – Grey’s Anatomy

We’re used to seeing Katherine Heigl wearing a lot of products on her face as part of her job. However, Katherine, who rose to fame for her role on Grey’s Anatomy, is also a beauty without the help of a makeup artist. Even if her complexion is quite pale, her skin appears perfectly smooth.

Katherine was the queen of romantic comedies for a while after she left the medical drama. However, she entered a hiatus before coming back stronger in recent years. Her upcoming project is titled Fear of Rain, and it’s a psychological thriller. Katherine has also been working on a new show titled Firefly Lane.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley should consider always going without cosmetics on her face. In all honesty, she just doesn’t need them! Her skin is super smooth and she looks much younger when she’s barefaced! We understand those beauty products are a necessity in the modeling industry but she’s simply flawless. We just hope she knows it!

Rosie first rose to fame in the modeling world. Her talent and unique beauty caused her to rapidly rise in a very competitive industry. She has also starred in films like Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Furthermore, she has created her website called Rose Inc. which is dedicated to promoting beauty.

Susan Sarandon – Thelma & Louise

If there’s a poster for naturally aging gracefully, Susan Sarandon should definitely be on it. At 73, she barely looks it and attributes it to the fact that she’s never been a fan of cosmetics. Noticeably, she barely has any creases or visible signs of aging.

Sarandon has had the pleasure of featuring on several magazine covers, and she often barely had any beautifying products on. She has also shared that she embraces her age-defining marks, which do not detract from her natural beauty. Sarandon continues working. In 2018, she entertained us through the big screen credits The Jesus Rolls and Blackbird

Nicole Kidman – Moulin Rouge

Nicole Kidman is one of the best-known faces in Hollywood. Her great talent has allowed her to lead numerous successful projects. Some of these include Moulin Rouge, The Hours, and more recently, Big Little Lies. Nicole is a fan of cosmetics when it comes to attending events.

However, she can go bare-faced as well when she’s just running errands. This has allowed us to see that she has the most adorable freckles! We had never realized, but we’re not surprised given how fair her complexion is. We hope she wears plenty of sunscreens to protect herself from any UV damage!

Carla Bruni – Little French Songs

Carla Bruni Sarkozy is a former supermodel and singer-songwriter. She was also the First Lady of France from 2008 to 2012. Bruni met Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, and barely two months later, they were married.

Her modeling career flourished from the late ‘80s going into the ‘90s. She worked with high-end brands like Christian DiorKarl LagerfeldVersace, and Chanel. Her career came with the demands of adorning her face with beauty products and also going bare-faced when necessary. She’s now 52, and the great care she has extended to herself is evident through her flawless skin.

Iggy Azalea – Fancy

Iggy Azalea’s fame skyrocketed in 2014 after she released the singles, Fancy and Problem. She quickly rose as one of the most promising female rappers of her generation. Azalea, Australian by birth, moved to the United States to pursue a career in music.

After numerous conflicts with her labels, Iggy decided to start her own. She released her new single, Wicked Lips, in December 2019. Despite all of this stress with her career, she continues to look amazing with and without makeup. Considering she’s only 29, we’re not really that surprised.

Heather Thomas – The Fall Guy

At the age of 14, Heather Anne Thomas was already earning a paycheck as the host of a talk show that aired on NBC. Thomas moved on to acting, starring alongside actor Lee Majors in The Fall Guy. She hit a snag in the road with cocaine addiction but got help and turned things around.

Now in her 60s, she looks full of life and happier than ever. It could be partly due to leaving showbiz back in 1998 and shaking off the stalkers who caused her stress at the height of her fame. Thomas switched careers joining the publishing world, and she’s penned both novels as well as screenplays.  

Gabrielle Union – Think Like A Man

Gabrielle Union is a beloved actress, whose popularity has greatly increased during the last decade. She went from supporting roles to starring in films such as Think Like a Man and Neo Ned. Gabrielle is never afraid to show us her true face with a morning selfie.

Gabrielle’s contract as a judge for America’s Got Talent was not renewed in 2019. According to Union, who is a promoter of women’s rights, she was constantly encouraged to tame her hairstyle so that her heritage wouldn’t be so apparent. As of December 2019, an investigation on the subject is taking place.

Sofia Vergara – Modern Family

Sofia Vergara is a gorgeous actress who is skilled in making people laugh. You guys have probably been watching her on the popular show called Modern Family. She’s always glammed up, and this is why she looks so young. Yet, when you see her without makeup, her real age of 47 is more evident.

Nonetheless, Sofia is still beautiful, and her hubby Joe Manganiello is so lucky that he can wake up to her face every morning. In December 2019, it was reported that Vergara is one of the stars being considered to join America’s Got Talent as a judge.

Jennifer Lopez – Selena

Jennifer Lopez has been following an active and healthy lifestyle all these years, and it looks like her efforts have been paying off. Aside from having an amazing figure at 50 years old, she has a youthful glow that makes her look decades younger than she really is.

She has been a popular singer for so long. Now, Jennifer is also balancing music with her business and acting career. In 2020, you guys will be seeing Lopez perform alongside Colombian singer Shakira in the halftime show of Super Bowl LIV.

Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts

In seeing Carrie Underwood post a bare-faced selfie, we have noticed that she has this radiant glow about her. She was blessed with nice skin, and we’re sure she maintains a proper skincare routine. In the 2000s, she rose to fame thanks to the success of her first album titled Some Hearts.

Carrie easily became one of the biggest names in the country music scene. Now, it looks like she still has many years of success ahead of her. Her most recent album, Cry Pretty, was released back in 2018.

Laura Ingraham – The Ingraham Angle

Laura Ingraham is one of the hosts of the Fox News Channel. Since 2017, she has been leading her show called The Ingraham Angle. She’s also been involved in politics from a very young age. Ingraham was even a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan! One would think that these stressful jobs would cause many wrinkles to appear.

Still, Ingraham looks very good even when she’s not wearing any beauty products. Although she’s now 56, her skin looks flawless. We wonder what her skincare secret is. Perhaps meditating every night to let go of the day’s stress? We’re not sure, but we would be very happy to learn it.

Jessica Alba – Honey

Jessica Alba has barely aged over the years that it’s hard to believe that she’s already 38 years old. She was only 19 when her role in Dark Angel made her popular in Hollywood. However, her biggest roles so far were in Honey and Sin City.

When she doesn’t have anything on her face, it’s more obvious that she has great skin and facial features. It’s as if she doesn’t need to exert much effort to look pretty. Alba is still active today, and she actually started starring in a new TV series titled L.A.’s Finest in 2019.

Jennifer Aniston – Friends

Jennifer Aniston is one of our favorite actresses since her days on the TV comedy, Friends. She has built a very successful career, and she has earned the love of many fans throughout the years. However, things have not always been easy for Jennifer, especially in her personal life.

Jennifer has been through two divorces, one with the actor Brad Pitt, and the second one with fellow actor Justin Theroux. The emotional stress and anxiety of these highly publicized situations would age anyone. And yet, Jennifer continues to look amazing now that she’s 50 years old!

Lisa Bonet – The Cosby Show

We’re not surprised whenever we see Lisa Bonet without even a drop of foundation on her face. This is because she’s well-known for being extremely down-to-earth and preferring a natural look. Overall, her entire lifestyle surrounds the idea of being one with nature as much as possible.

This is probably why she and Jason Momoa make such a great match. Jason first set eyes on Lisa when she played the role of Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Lisa was first married to singer Lenny Kravitz, and they have a daughter who is also an actress, Zoë.

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