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Blake Shelton and his unusual way of losing weight


Blake Shelton and his unusual way of losing weight

Man’s modern life is full of stress. Very often stress leads to a significant weight loss. This is due to the peculiarities of the human psyche. In case if the human body reacts to stress as to a serious illness, then the appetite is usually absent, and the person quickly loses weight.

2015 was a year of personal troubles for Blake Shelton. That year he divorced from his ex-wife Miranda Lambert. But what concerns some positive changes – Blake rejuvenated.

It sounds a bit ridiculous, but in 2015 the singer lost extra weight and as a result he looked much better and younger. But how did he achieve such result taking into consideration that Blake is not so young?

Blake Shelton's eyes and hair color

Blake himself calls his diet plan “Divorce Diet”. Actually, it has nothing to do with nutrition. The main point was that constant stress made Shelton forget about food. He stopped eating at all for a while and lost a few kilos. That was not healthy, but he liked the result.

If you’ve decided to lose weight it would be hard to repeat Blake’s experience. That transformation was not intentional – everything happened accidentally. That change was pleasing for the country singer as he said he felt much better and became more active.

It’s evident that for people with extra weight it’s hard to do numerous activities, so Blake Shelton felt happy about his new look.Blake Shelton's height, weight and age

Weight loss is stress for the body. Doctors define this as a reaction of the symptomatic system. In this case, all the forces of the body are aimed solely at combating stress. Thus the person loses weight. Typically, this state during critical situations is typical for men. At the same time, women in a stressful condition tend to gain weight. Although this is purely individual.

Today, Sheldon stays in a great shape, thought he seems quite happy and doesn’t experience any stress.


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