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Chris Hemsworth Responds to Rumors That He’s “Looking for a New Wife”


Chris Hemsworth Responds to Rumors That He’s “Looking for a New Wife”

How do you know you’ve made it in Hollywood? Is it when you’re playing the lead in a Marvel movie? Or you’re one of several men named Chris who are famous at the moment, leading to heated debates about who is the best Chris, and since you are one of the Chrises, you can just sit back and know the debates are happening, amused that this is your life now. Maybe it’s when you host S.N.L., and they put you in a parody of an American Express ad, in which you joke that you bounced around Hollywood for daysbefore finding fame. When you look like actual Thor, this is easy to believe.

In reality, though, Chris Hemsworth truly arrived this weekend when Australia’s Woman’s Day reported that he and wife Elsa Pataky’s “fairytale romance is on the brink.” A tabloid tearing apart your happy marriage is the mark of true celebrity in 2016.

“chris hemsworth and wife”的图片搜索结果

“Sources say the pair could be the next celebrity couple to call time on their marriage, and with their relationship on the rocks, insiders say Chris and Elsa are almost living separate lives,” Woman’s Day reports, wondering if this will be “Hollywood’s next big split.”

As per most tabloid stories of marital strife, there’s a quote from a “close friend,” and some more information about how “those in the know” suspected something was awry when Pataky went to Spain with the kids last month while Hemsworth stayed in Australia to film Thor: Ragnarok. Never mind that this could just be an example of Pataky using the fact that her husband had to be away for work (and the kids might miss their dad) to visit her family in Spain.

“chris hemsworth and wife”的图片搜索结果

Anyway, Hemsworth got wind of the Woman’s Day report and decided to respond in a very Chris Hemsworth way. We know that he’s a decent, modest, good-humored guy—one who can pull off levity even about a more serious subject. That’s the approach he took here. He went with a carefully posed Instagram in which he’s on a boat, sailing the high seas with Pataky.

“Looking for a new wife, according to @womansdayaus and other misleading outlets! Honey you still love me right?! @elsapatakyconfidential #thanksfortheheadsup,” Hemsworth captioned the photo

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