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Christie Brinkley, 66, Shares Her Age-Defying Secrets


Christie Brinkley, 66, Shares Her Age-Defying Secrets

This woman is 61, seriously. It’s hard to believe that Christie Brinkley has been in the public eye since 1973, when she was discovered in a post office. The actress and model looks nearly the same as she did four decades ago.

What does the mom of three do to stay so youthful? The Timeless Beauty author shares her anti-aging tips and tricks with Us Weekly — scroll through to read them all.

1. Put down the powder.

Talcum powder settles into fine lines. Sheer, creamy formulas, however, “define your features and cover any flaws,” Brinkley tells Us. She uses 3Lab BB cream with SPF 40 ($100, and By Terry blush in Bubble Glow ($44,

2. Pump up the volume.

“My hair has gotten thinner,” the mom of three confesses. Brinkley wears clip-in expansions from her eponymous line ($49, Unlike woven-in weaves, these “won’t snag or pull in your sleep,” which can lead to even more hair loss. A bonus: “Boom! You’ve got Beyonce hair.”

3. Eat an apple a day.

Really. When enjoyed 20 minutes before a meal, she says, the fiber-filled fruit leaves you “feeling satiated sooner.” (Translation: You’ll skip that second serving.)

4. Snack smartly.

Brinkley is a vegan and she avoids collagen breakdown caused by a high-sugar diet and bloating from sodium overload by reaching for healthy bites. Frozen blueberries crushed in a blender, for one, “taste like you’re indulging in ice cream,” she says.

5. Exfoliate, exfoliate.

Each morning, Brinkley uses the lactic acid-filled cleanser from her beauty line ($35, to degunk pores and refine her face’s texture. “It’s something I’ve done for 40 years,” says the star. Hydration is a key priority too. When her daughters are home, “we all sit around with masks on!”

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