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Chuck Norris Drops Untold Bombshell!


Chuck Norris Drops Untold Bombshell!

US martial arts legend Chuck Norris under fire for joining gun company

  • The legendary US actor is excited to be working with the Glock company as their official spokesman
  • Some people are not happy that he is endorsing guns in light of the growing number of mass shootings
Chuck Norris is the new spokesman for gun manufacturer Glock. Photo: Instagram
Chuck Norris is the new spokesman for gun manufacturer Glock. Photo: Instagram

American martial arts legend Chuck Norris is getting some flak for becoming the new face of gunmaker Glock just weeks after Christchurch was rocked by a mass shooting.

Norris recently posted in his Twitter page that he was “excited that he was working with the Glock team as their new spokesperson”

The man who burst into prominence by fighting the late Hong Kong martial arts idol, Bruce Lee, in Rome’s Coliseum in Way of the Dragon (1972) and starred in many other movies in a five-decade long film career, will make public appearances for the gun company and will be included in their advertisement campaigns.

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The 79-year-old American is also set to appear at the National Rifle Association (NRA) conference in Indianapolis from April 26-27. The NRA is an American organisation that advocates for gun rights.

Norris made his announcement about three weeks after New Zealand suffered its worst mass shooting in which 50 people were gunned down in a mosque in the country’s capital. It also comes in the light of the growing number mass shootings in the United States and calls for stricter gun control laws.

Chuck Norris reveals he gave up his movie career to look after sick wife Gena who was ‘poisoned by an MRI scan’

Martial arts expert, movie star, and subject of many 00s memes, Chuck Norris , has revealed he’s left the hardcore world of action films behind to care for his ailing wife, Gena, 54.

The Walker, Texas Ranger star, 77, claims that after getting an injection before an MRI scan, his wife of 19 years has developed illnesses that he says can only be linked to what is called ‘gadolinium deposition disease’.

In 2013 Gena underwent several magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans in the United States to monitor her rheumatoid arthritis, receiving an injection of dye known as a “contrast agent” that highlights specific organs, blood vessels, or tissues to make them easier for the radiologist to determine the extent of disease or injury.

Chuck Norris with his wife Gena (Image: WireImage)


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