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Clint Eastwood Drops Untold Bombshell!


Clint Eastwood Drops Untold Bombshell!


Together forever! Clint EastwoodOpens in New Window has finally put a ring on the finger of his much younger girlfriend, Christina Sandera, and has obtained the exclusive first photos of the bedazzled band!

Spies on the Venice, Italy, set of the 87-year-old Hollywood legend’s new film, The 15:17 to Paris, spotted Sandera, 52, sporting what appeared to be a wedding ringOpens in New Window on Aug. 16.

“That ring is a clear symbol of commitment,” spilled a source close to Oscar winner Clint. “It’s simple and elegant — and it makes the statement that they’re together forever!” Another insider dished: “It was inevitable that Clint would ask Christina to marry him. He hasn’t been this happy with someone in years!”

Sandera, who has made headlines for her scandalous pastOpens in New Window, met the Tinseltown icon in 2014 when she worked as a hostess at his Carmel, Calif., Mission Ranch Hotel. The two have been inseparable ever since, according to sources.

“Clint has absolutely flipped for her,” one insider said. “And she is head over heelsOpens in New Window in love with him.”

The ink was barely dry on Clint’s divorce from second wife Dina Ruiz when he fell for Christina. Insiders believe she’s the woman he’ll spend the rest of his life with.

Though Clint denied a marriage last spring, a source claimed: “This will be Clint’s third marriage, and the marriage that lasts. Clint’s done playing the field.”

His rocky 18-year marriage to Dina, who’s 35 years his junior, ended in December 2014.

But insiders claimed it collapsed nearly two years earlier when publicity-hungry Dina launched the reality TV series Mrs. Eastwood & Company. The intensely private star “hated having the cameras around,” a source revealed.

Things really went south when she began spending too much time with an old high school flame and Australian pro basketballOpens in New Window player — Scott Fisher. Fisher’s concerned wife, Erica, reached out to Clint, and bizarrely, THEY began an affair!

But the sparks were short-lived after Clint connected with Christina.

“Everyone who has seen Clint says he’s happier now than he’s been in years,” an insider spilled. “It’s amazing, but it’s taken him all these years to find his first true soul mate.”

Christina has also won the approval of his seven children, a Radar information dished. “Clint’s kids have all met Christina and like her…They think she’s pretty cool, and more importantly she makes Clint happy.”

Clint Eastwood Buys Million-Dollar Home For His Ex-Mistress

Clint Eastwood shelled out nearly $1 million on a home for his former mistress — even though he’s dating another woman, and still isn’t divorced!

The National ENQUIRER reports that the actor-director’s ex-lover, Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, 43, and her son, 22-year-old Blake Holland, are living in a cozy $715,000 house in an upscale section of Sherman Oaks, Calif.

“Clint is still battling [his wife] Dina over his $375 million fortune, dragging his feet over settling their divorce,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “But he’s found the time to buy Erica a home. It’s outrageous!”

“Clint obviously still has a soft spot for Erica if he’s willing to plunk down that much cash for a house for her,” noted the source, adding, “I understand that her son, Blake, still works for Clint as a production assistant.”

To complicate matters further, Eastwood has moved on to new girlfriend Christina Sandera, a former hostess at his Mission Ranch Hotel in Carmel, Calif.

Meanwhile, Eastwood’s 49-year-old estranged wife is seeing her high school sweetheart, who just so happens to be Tomlinson-Fisher’s ex-husband, Scott Fisher.

As reported, the Eastwoods’ 17-year marriage disintegrated in October 2013 when Dina asked for custody of their daughter Morgan, 17. Clint fought paying spousal support and legal fees.

She’s Making His Day! Clint Eastwood Dating Hostess Who Worked At His Hotel

Clint Eastwood has found his hostess with the mostess.

The actor-director, in his second major relationship since his spilt with ex-wife Dina Eastwood, is dating Christina Sandera, a hostess at his Carmel, Calif. business, the Mission Ranch Hotel.

The 84-year-old icon and Sandera were spotted recently shopping at a Los Angeles Whole Foods store, blowing the lid off their simmering romance.

Sandera, an insider told US, resides with The Good, the Bad and the Ugly star “in his house he used to share with Dina,” having “moved in months ago.”

The Million Dollar Baby director’s “kids have all met Christina and like” their father’s new love interest, praising her for her down-to-earth, “normal” nature, the source said.

The Unforgiven star famously was involved in an inadvertent celebrity wife swap in the wake of his split from Dina, having gotten involved with photographer Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, while his ex palled around with Scott Fisher, Erica’s ex-hubby.

That affair has cooled off, an insider told the magazine, adding, “Erica Tomlinson-Fischer now seems to be gone — she hasn’t been around in awhile — [Clint] is with Christina and happy.”

A storm is brewing around Clint Eastwood’s ‘Richard Jewell.’ Here’s why

With only days left before “Richard Jewell” hits theaters, lawyers for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and its parent company, Cox Enterprises, have demanded that Warner Bros. slap a disclaimer on the Clint Eastwood film.

At issue is the film’s portrayal of the late reporter Kathy Scruggs. She broke the story that security guard Jewell — at that point a hero for saving countless lives in the Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta — was in fact the FBI’s lead suspect in the case.

Scruggs, played by Olivia Wilde, is depicted as a wildly unethical journalist who offers to trade sex for information from an FBI agent portrayed by Jon Hamm.

“The AJC’s reporter is reduced to a sex-trading object in the film,” says the letter, which according to the AJC was sent to Warner Bros., Eastwood, screenwriter Billy Ray and others. “Such a portrayal makes it appear that the AJC sexually exploited its staff and/or that it facilitated or condoned offering sexual gratification to sources in exchange for stories. That is entirely false and malicious, and it is extremely defamatory and damaging.”

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