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Crazy Rumors Going Around About Sandra Bullock


Crazy Rumors Going Around About Sandra Bullock

A Look Back On Sandra Bullock Rumored ‘Miracle Baby’

Sandra Bullock's five-year-old son Louis urged actress to find brother or sister with “some brown skin” - Mirror Online

It’s been a year since Sandra Bullock was rumored to be pregnant with a “miracle baby.” It was speculated the then-54-year-old actress is expecting a baby. How this rumor came about?

OK! cited a source who claimed Bullock and her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, had finally conceived after “two years of trying and six months of IVF treatments.” The Bird Box actress reportedly refused to lose hope of having a child with Randall.

The insider added Bullock was thrilled about the good news and told her close family and friends about it. The couple was reportedly so happy to have a child at this stage of their lives.

“Given Sandra’s age, this baby is truly a miracle,” the source said.

Gossip Cop, however, debunked the story. It cited Bullock’s rep as saying the Gravity actress was not pregnant and that she still has two children. That fact remains true as a year later, Bullock did not deliver a “miracle baby.”

Bullock adopted her first child, Louis, in 2010. In December 2015, she had adopted a second child, then three-year-old Laila. The three of them appeared together on the cover of People Magazine that same month.


Has Sandra Bullock Had Plastic Surgery? (The Truth)

Did Sandra Bullock Have Plastic Surgery?

As the highest paid actress in 2010 and 2014 Sandra Bullock, 55, could certainly afford a nip here and a tuck there (if she so desired).

But the big question – especially since the 90th annual Oscars is: Has Sandra Bullock ever had plastic surgery?

Voted the number one most beautiful woman by People magazine in 2015, it’s safe to say Bullock is naturally stunning.

The seasoned actress and mother of two doesn’t seem to have aged since her big screen debut in Hangmen in 1987.

So what’s the secret to her youthful looks? Is it botox and filler, surgical enhancement, or is Bullock simply one of those genetically blessed individuals who always looks amazing.

Hmm …

Sandra bullock 2

11 December 2002

The 171cm actress born on 26 July 1964, has a full and lustrous mane of hair – a common Leo trait. And as often happens, people with flowing locks seem to look younger.

Bullock was 38 when she arrived at City Hall, NY for a news conference with Hugh Grant and as you can see, her face was full and glowing, just as you’d expect at that age.

Sandra Bullock 2005

22 March 2005

You couldn’t pull a face like that if you’d been injected with as much botox as Bullock’s been accused of.

You can clearly see the wrinkles in her forehead and although this was taken in 2005, Bullock was already 41 (even though she only looks about 30).

So, yup, she was already ageing well (and had zero plastic surgery in my opinion).

Sandra Bullock 1

15 June 2006

According to a Traditional Chinese Medicine website, Bullock receives 3 cosmetic acupuncture treatments every week. And who knows, maybe she’s been receiving that level of natural help since 2006.

Cosmetic acupuncture is said to “maintain health and natural beauty” and Bullock certainly has that in bounds.

Sandra Bullock 3

9 October 2006

The jawline is often a telltale area that can indicate signs of going under the knife.

But even with a close up like this, you have to admit, Bullock’s jaw and hairline looks entirely natural.

Although her skin looks taut and glowing, it seems her beauty and youthful looks are yet to meet with a surgeon’s scalpel. If they ever have …

Sandra Bullock 4

26 August 2009

We all take a bad picture from time to time and there is a certain Michael Jackson aspect to this photo.

However, non-surgical treatments such as Thermage, Ultherapy and HiFu all help to increase collagen production which results in firmer skin, and it’s possible that Bullock has been taking this approach to her skincare.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bullock has tried them all. These treatments are non-invasive don’t require surgery and don’t leave you looking frozen. They simply help to stimulate your natural collagen which results in firmer skin and fewer wrinkles.

If I was her, that’s what I’d be doing …

Sandra Bullock 5

7 March 2010

OK, see the scar on Bullock’s left upper eyelid? If she’d had surgery, that wouldn’t be there. I mean, if she’d gone to all the trouble of having her skin pulled back, at the very least that scar would have moved, yes?

She doesn’t appear to have any wrinkles though, which at 46 would be fairly normal. But then again, for all we know she might be having regular foreskin facials …

Oh, hang on…

Sandra Bullock 6

27 October 2011

Yes, remember the penis facial?

In May 2018, (7 years after this picture above was taken), Sandra B admitted on the Ellen Show to having a Hollywood facial – called Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – that involves having the cloned cells of newborn baby foreskins injected into your face.

“I always explain that EGF is derived from newborn baby foreskin,” says a beauty therapist from the clinic that administers the facial. “But cells were taken and from that, new cells are cloned from a laboratory,” a source told The HuffPost.

Well, seems to work …

Sandra Bullock 7

28 August 2013

After the 90th Oscars in March 2018, the press was abuzz at Bullock’s’s dramatically fuller cheeks. She told Instyle it was purely down to allergies.

“This past Oscars I was sick and had allergies, but I was like, ‘I’m just going to go.’ It’s part of my job, and I’m happy to be there.”

“Then the next day they were saying, ‘Oh, she has cheek fillers and implants.’ When I saw the photos and how swollen I was, I got it. But I was like, ‘Well, if I got injections, I only got them on the top,’ which was not very good.”

Sandra Bullock 8

11 June 2015

If you look closely at Bullock’s neck in the picture taken in 2015 you’ll see subtle signs of ageing. If she’d had face surgery, wouldn’t she include her neck too?

And as for whether or not she’s had a nose job. if she has, she wouldn’t be alone. According to the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report 2018, of the 17.7 million cosmetic procedures performed in the US, 213,000 were some form of nose reshaping.

Has Bullock ever been one of them? We’ll never know.

Sandra Bullock 7

15 June 2019

A month before her 55th birthday, in June 2019, Bullock’s cheekbones do look a little enlarged. They have the kind of height that you see when someone’s had cheek filler or implants.

However, Bullock vehemently denies ever having cosmetic surgery.

We could spend hours poring over pictures of Sandra Bullock and trying to find evidence of before and after plastic surgery pics, but really, it’d be far more fulfilling if we focused on her talent and accepted that she’s probably just the beneficiary of healthy genes and good luck.

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