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Donny & Marie Osmond Hid This Big Secret For Years


Donny & Marie Osmond Hid This Big Secret For Years

How well do we really know the Osmond siblings? Many stars seem to live wonderful lives, and from the outside, everything looks clearcut. Often there are secrets lurking in the darkness though. They were the sweethearts of the ’70s with their hit series Donny and Marie. Everyone remembers them as a happy duo that served as role models to many. Beneath the surface, they were scrambling to hide a big secret. A secret that could sink their careers…

The duo was real trailblazers, being so talented that they had their own variety show Donny and Marie. This show introduced them to the world and would catapult them into international stardom. Suddenly they were appearing on every TV screen and their lives became public. They were working very hard to hide their secrets, however…


The siblings were about as good as they come. Many young people of the time modeled themselves after the duo. What’s more, is that they were heavily religious. They sounded great and paraded the stage with their trademark ‘good’ intentions. One can almost say they seemed too ‘good.’ Things that sound too good to be true, usually is.


Donny first rose to fame when he was only 5 years old. He appeared with the other Osmond brothers on TV. As a result, he took control of his and his sister’s alliance.  He might have come to the party late, but his wealth of experience in the industry ensured that the siblings were successful. Did it stay successful?


The Osmond family band were well on their way to fame when Donny joined the group. Nobody knew what it was about him, but he brought a certain magical element to the group. This made them more loved by the community. They appeared regularly on The Andy Williams Show and people adored Donny. Hold on though, he still got something up his sleeve…


At the start of the ’70s, the Osmonds were rocking the musical word. Originally they were known for their gospel and barbershop tunes, but a metamorphosis would soon ensue. They were regulars on variety shows that were very popular at the time. As a result, they changed their music to bubblegum pop. Nobody knew if it would work though…


The transitions to Bubblegum pop made the Osmonds more popular. More people could now relate to their music, and this meant huge popularity. One member of the band found it very hard though, Donny. Who knows what he did to cope with the added pressure of fame. He was only a child, and later in his life, this pressure would haunt him. 


Marie was being threatened by the producers. According to them, she was playing with fire, endangering 250 jobs. As a consequence, she stopped eating. She lost some weight, but it was never enough. If only people knew what was really happening to her behind the scenes…


It just seems like the crew of the show wasn’t very nice. Donny told a reporter that they had a director who was hellbent on wanting everything to be perfect. As a result, many scenes were never broadcasted. Donny said that he wishes these scenes were never shown because according to him, they were some of the best scenes. What else wasn’t shown?  
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