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Dwayne Johnson Workout- Train like the Rock


Dwayne Johnson Workout- Train like the Rock

Listed as one of the highest grossing actors in the world for years, Dwayne Johnson has become one of Hollywood’s most famous and successful imports from sports. A former football player and WWE Champion, Johnson wooed the crowd with his charisma and ‘electrifying’ performances. Known as ‘The Rock’ inside the ring, he has given many formidable opponents a challenge and risen above them all.

Dwayne Johnson Workout

However, when Dwayne decided to move from wrestling to Hollywood, he took his fitness to a whole new level. The ‘Rock’ you knew in ring, transformed into the ‘Scorpion King’ quickly and is now becoming a monster motivation at every gym in the world. His staggering physique at a ripe age of 45 has given thousands of men inspiration to hit the gym and look their best.

He was an 8-time WWE Champion (and counted many other championships during his time as a professional wrestler) and was the highest grossing actor in 2016 according to Forbes (second highest in 2017). He is consistently ranked in the Forbes list of Top 20 most powerful celebrities, 100 most influential people and was even awarded the title of ‘Man of the Century’ by Muscle & Fitness. If you need serious workout motivation, you only have to watch one of his movies of simply check out his Instagram profile.

Is there anything The Rock couldn’t achieve?

A monster of a physique is what has made Johnson a pop-culture icon. Whether you follow wrestling or not, whether you watch movies or not, it is highly likely that you recognize The Rock. His insane physique, great looks and a million-dollar smile has made him a household name, especially among workout enthusiast. He is sometimes even compared to the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is often credited for helping many young men of his era dream about a career in fitness and bodybuilding.

Without further ado, let’s get to know how The Rock gets his physique and keeps it in top shape.

The Rock’s week

Johnson follows a 5-day a week workout schedule with rest days on weekends. He has been known to spend a lot of time at the gym, sometimes even training at odd hours. However, these are just a few ways in which he maintains a physique that can only suit Gods.

In most of his workouts, he does three sets with 12, 10 and 8 reps. as he increased the weight in each step, he decreases the number of reps. there is a 90-second rest between each set.

Here is what he does throughout a typical week.


The day is reserved for abs and back.

The warm-up begins with 2 sets on the cable machine. He does 20 reps of internal and external rotations on each arm during one set. Yes! That’s just the warm-up.

A typical back workout will include pull-ups, cable row, barbell shrugs, reverse grip pull-down, one arm dumbbell row and stiff-arm pullover with rope.

Ab workout is limited to hyperextensions and rope crunches. He does 20 reps in one set and does 3 sets in total for each side of the abs. The rest period is 60 seconds between each set. That is more workout than most people will do in one week.


Tuesdays are designated for calves and chest. The warm-up is similar to Monday where you use the cable machine for external and internal rotations for 20 reps (in one set) and 2 sets in total for one arm.

The chest workout includes cable crossover progressive and regressive workouts. It includes 3 sets of 20 reps each from high to low, followed by 3 sets of 20 reps each from low to high. It also includes incline fly, flat dumbbell press and incline dumbbell press. The calves’ workout is even more intense. For this, Johnson focuses on three exercises- the single leg standing calf raise with dumbbells, leg press calf raise and standing calf raise. You need to do three sets of each exercise and each set must have 50 reps.


The day will focus on abs and legs. The warm-up for the day will be much different than the previous two days. Today’s warm-up will include glute bridges, foam rolling, leg swings and kicks and hip flexor stretches.

The legs are going to take a serious beating today. Start with 3 sets of 20 reps each of leg extensions. Follow it by 3 sets of 50 reps each of leg press. It should be followed by 3 sets of 20 reps each of single leg press, followed by same numbers in dumbbell lunges.

Follow this by lying leg curls- 3 sets of 15 reps each and 3 sets of Romanian deadlifts of 12 reps each.

To work on abs, you need to work your way through 3 sets of side planks. Do 3 reps and make sure that you hold in for 60 seconds each time.


This day is dedicated to the shoulders. Start with a warm of 2 sets with 20 reps in each set. You should be doing a warm up with internal and external rotations on the cable machine. The warm-up is just like Monday and Tuesday.

The real workout should start with 5 sets of seated lateral raise, followed by side lateral raised superset, dumbbell shoulder press. Then, you should follow the exercise with a cable side lateral rise. Make sure that you do not rest between sets.


The day is dedicated to arms. Start with a warm-up on cable machines, just like Thursday. The workout should consist of V-bar pushdowns, preacher curls, close grip cable curls and barbell curls. It should also include leaning rope extension, rope pushdown supersets and single arm overhead triceps extension.

Johnson’s workouts depend heavily on the movies he is shooting. For example, to play the role of Luke Hobbs in the Fate of the Furious, he added 22 pounds of muscle to his already bulky physique to look in top shape. His workout for the movie Hercules is considered to be a mecca for anyone who wants to get serious bodybuilding motivation.

Should you follow Johnson’s workouts?                     

The Rock is a mean machine (literally and figuratively). If you want to get in shape like him, you will have to start following with beginner workouts and build on some lean muscle mass too. His workout routine is not fit for beginners as it very demanding and intense. Certainly, it must take a huge deal of dedication and will-power from Johnson’s end to actually do these workouts.

Johnson usually eats 6 to 7 meals a day, coupled with ample and precisely measured supplementation. He could consume as much as 10 pounds of food in one day. Yes! That is true. He even said that he ate over 800 pounds of cod in 2015 alone. However, now his diet routine doesn’t depend so strictly on cods.

His diet and workout are nothing like you have come across, ever. This is not all, he starts doing cardio as early as 4 am of 5 am followed by his first meal of the day and another 60 to 90 minutes of workout. He has a team of trainers and fitness experts guiding him continuously about his meals and his workouts. For a big man like him, a nutritious calorie heavy diet is essential to keep him going.

If you feel that you can get a physique like him, you will likely have to put in years of hard work in place. Compare his physique with his much smaller Baywatch co-star and you will see the different years of pumping iron could make. Zac Efron has a low body fat percentage (around 4 to 6 percent body fat) which is practically unattainable for a majority of the population. He worked hard leading to the filming of Baywatch and got ripped abs and a shredded body in as less as 12 weeks.

However, Johnson’s body is more like a monster truck. He is naturally heavy build. He a third-generation wrestler, for which he has trained for years as well. He was a footballer in college and he has dedicated his entire lifetime to becoming what he is today. If you want to look like him, you might want to work out that hard for years at a stretch.

Also, note that Johnson is a tall man. If you are shorter than him, than building a physique like that could be a challenge. Also, everybody has a different lifestyle, diet, fitness plan and a different genetic composition which makes it easier or difficult to gain muscle to the extent Johnson has. If you want to build your body and grow more muscle, it would be better to stick to a plan that works on your own body’s strength. Make a goal that your body can reach comfortably and then make harder goals for yourself.

You can take a few weeks or a few months to get a physique like any other actor. However, if you want to build it like The Rock, you may take years of workout, even after adequate supplementation and restricted meals.

If his physique is your goal, you should start working out today!

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