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Gordon Ramsay’s Love Story Is So Much Juicier Than You Ever Knew Dare we call it … scandalous?!


Gordon Ramsay’s Love Story Is So Much Juicier Than You Ever Knew Dare we call it … scandalous?!



On television, Gordon Ramsay is all F-bombs and yelling. But behind the scenes, his relationship with wife Tana is even more dramatic.

When Gordon and Tana met, she was dating another man.


Before the swearing chef waltzed into her life, Tana was dating a different British cook named Tim — who happened to be a friend of Gordon’s. After the two broke things off, Gordon swooped in, and he and Tana began a relationship.

They had to meet at odd hours of the night.

The life of a chef can be a hectic one, and Gordon’s was no different. He couldn’t get off work until late at night — or early in the morning — and Tana would wait up to spend time with him.

The Ramsays got married more than 20 years ago.

The couple tied the knot in 1996 at a church in London’s Chelsea neighborhood. Tana was just 21, and Gordon was 29.

The early years of their marriage were incredibly tough.

As they tried to get pregnant, Tana quickly discovered she had polycystic ovarian syndrome. Gordon also shared with James Cordon on The Late Late Show, “I had a very low sperm count on the back of standing in the kitchen for that length of time close to the stove.” The two struggled to conceive.

The couple turned to IVF.

After going through in vitro, Tana and Gordon welcomed a baby girl, Megan, in 1998. Thanks to more treatments, they’ve also been able to have twins Holly and Jack in 1999 and Matilda in 2002.

With four grown kids, Gordon and Tana were able to conceive again.

Gordon announced the news on The Late Late Show in May of 2016. But only a month later, five months into the pregnancy, Tana suffered a miscarriage.

They leaned on another famous British couple after tragic news.


Gordon and Tana have been friends with David and Victoria Beckham for years, and they were part of their support system post-miscarriage. “They came to see Tana and me immediately and showed their support, and that was mind-blowing,” he said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Gordon was accused of having a seven-year affair.

In 2008, a woman named Sarah Symonds claimed she’d been with Gordon on and off during his marriage. The so-called “professional mistress” had written a book a year earlier called Having an Affair? A Handbook for the Other Woman. Gordon called the whole ordeal gossip and denied it, and Tana stayed in the marriage.

Gordon and Tana’s father had a messy split.

The two went into business together early on in Gordon’s career. Tana’s dad, Chris Hutcheson, helped Gordon fund his first restaurant, and the two worked together for nearly a dozen years. But in 2010, Gordon accused Hutcheson of embezzling more than one million pounds. After the initial riff, Hutcheson got a six-month jail sentence for hacking into Gordon’s email.

But it only made the couple stronger.

“We had our family to protect, and you become territorial. We looked after each other. And it’s actually brought us — me, Tana, and the children — closer than we’ve ever been before,” Gordon told The Daily.

But Gordon and Tana know how to have fun together, too.


Tana’s a fitness freak, and Gordon said triathlons are his “release.” The pair completed a half-Ironman together in England in 2015. They shared a special hug and kiss on the winners’ podium.

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