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How to Live With Diabetes


How to Live With Diabetes

Diabetes is, unfortunately, quite a common disease and it affects usually older people as more than 40 percent of Americans with diabetes are 65 or older. There is no cure for diabetes, but you can still live a happy and fulfilled life by managing your disease carefully.


Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism and there are 3 main types described:

  • Type 1
  • Type 2
  • Gestational diabetes

Type 1 diabetes occurs when your body doesn’t make insulin. Our cells need insulin in order to take up glucose from the food we eat. When there is no insulin, glucose can’t be used by cells.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type and it occurs when your body doesn’t use insulin properly.

Gestational diabetes can affect pregnant women and it typically goes away after the birth of the baby. However, these women and their babies are more likely to develop diabetes later in life.

Source: Medical News Today

How to live with it?

Diabetes carries a lot of challenges which all depend on your age, gender, and similar factors. The good news is that it can be treated and controlled. Here, exercise and diet are the most important factors. You have to keep your blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels under control constantly.

  • Make a diabetes treatment plan. This isn’t something you have to, or should, do on your own. Consult with your healthcare provider and the diabetes educator in order to define the plan and the regime that you should stick to. You’ll get advice on how to stay active and eat healthily. Every treatment plan is made according to the patient meaning that often plans will differ among patients.
  • There are some medications that can help you take care of yourself. One of them is Toujeo, which is a brand-name prescription medication used for type 1 and type 2 diabetes and you can find more information about it here. This medication contains glargine which is a form of insulin classified as a long-acting insulin. You should consult your doctor before taking any new medication as combining specific types of medication can be dangerous and do much more harm than good.
  • Eat smaller portions of the carefully selected food. Eating smaller portions more often during the day instead of eating big ones fewer times a day can help keep your sugar levels steady. Also, whole grains which include whole wheat flour, brown rice, oats can control your sugar levels. Cereals and pasta are also good choices for diabetics.


  • No sugary drinks and foods. You should stick to water and unsweetened drinks. Fruits for breakfast are recommendable, while processed food should always be avoided.
  • Exercise regularly. Small changes in physical activity can make a huge difference. Regular exercise will keep your sugar levels stable. Of course, you should consult your doctor about what kinds of exercises are best for you and how often you should be doing them.

By sticking to your plan and by taking proper care about what you eat and how often you exercise, you can make your life a lot easier and more enjoyable!

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