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Is Lea Salonga leaving show business or is she the victim of fake news?


Is Lea Salonga leaving show business or is she the victim of fake news?

  • Lea Salonga is furious over fake reports that she will be leaving show business
  • She clarified on her Instagram account that she’s not leaving showbiz
  • Lea Salonga recently starred in Yellow Rose

Singer and actress Lea Salonga is furious about rumors circulating that she was planning to leave showbiz.

On her Instagram account, the actress ended speculations by posting her rant against the fake news that had circulated.

“Folks, if you come across one of those Lea Quits Showbiz bulls*** ads, those are fake. One, I’d never quit. This is what I love to do.”

Salonga is known for her accomplishments in musical theater. The actress is currently part of ABS-CBN’s Cinematografo productions Yellow Rose which won the Grand Jury Prize last May at the 35th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, as well as at the Bentonville Film Festival and at the CAAMFest 37.

The movie is about an aspiring Filipino singer in Texas who fights to pursue her dreams despite being faced with the threat of deportation.

Lea further cleared up the rumors which included allegations that she was competing with a clinic she is endorsing.

“Two, I am under contract with Facial Care Center and am not endorsing any other skin care products or services or starting my own, Whoever dreamed that up is a team of motherf***ers with way too much time on their hands.”

Lea Salonga will be holding a concert for the 10th anniversary celebration of Resorts World Manila this coming August 30 and 31.

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