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Every Rumor About Miranda Lambert And Her Husband We’ve Heard

Is Miranda Lambert Getting A Divorce? New Details On The Marriage Rumors Surrounding Her And Husband Brendan McLoughlin


Every Rumor About Miranda Lambert And Her Husband We’ve Heard

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin got married in a quiet Tennessee ceremony in January 2019, and ever since Lambert announced their marriage the following Valentine’s Day, they’ve seemed happy as can be. Although McLoughlin essentially had to retire from his job with the New York Police Department due to the increased amount of fame that comes with marrying one of the most popular country artists, he’s now a key part of Lambert’s security team. Although they’ve obviously hit their stride in their careers and marriage, the tabloids haven’t stopped reporting on the couple throughout their entire relationship. Here are all of the major rumors about Lambert and McLoughlin that Gossip Cop has investigated.

Miranda Lambert, Man-Eater?

The Globe published a cover story specifically about Lambert’s reputation as some sort of man-eater nearly a year after she wed McLoughlin— according to its sources, Trisha Yearwood was deeply worried about the country star coming after her husband, Garth Brooks.

Yearwood was less than pleased with the development. “She’s furious over how close Garth’s grown to Miranda,” the insider revealed. “She’s incredibly insecure. They’re fighting so much about it, it’s left their marriage hanging by a thread.” Throughout the entire article, Brendan McLoughlin went entirely unmentioned. The outlet didn’t even bother to bring up her husband of, at the time, a year. Apparently, the magazine felt that the relationship just wasn’t worth focusing on.

Last November, Woman’s Day floated the idea that Nicole Kidman was worried about Miranda Lambert preying on Keith Urban. Kidman, an unnamed tipster said, was nervous about her husband’s possible on-stage reunion with Lambert the following summer. “[Nicole’s] not a fan of Miranda, and to make matters worse, her and Keith have announced a co-headline concert tour in Wisconsin next year,” the source revealed. “Thankfully Keith’s security has been upped and Nicole sees having extra minders [to keep an eye on Urban] as a bonus.”

“You can’t blame Nic for wanting to keep an obsessive eye on this friendship of Miranda and Keith’s,” the insider concluded, arguing that Lambert “can get any man she wants” — including the Oscar-winning actress’ husband.

Miranda Lambert And Brendan McLoughlin Having A Baby?

With a few crude remarks about her weight, the National Enquirer claimed that Miranda Lambert looked to be pregnant, and the publication’s sources claim that it could only be an attempt to salvage her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin.

“Miranda has been talking about wanting a baby in the worst way,” one tipster explained. “She feels that it might be just what they need to rekindle their romance!” Although the outlet wasn’t specific with its claim about the cause of marital strife in the relationship, it did point to past tabloids reports about McLoughlin “partying with a bevy of babes in Manhattan.”

This source said that Lambert looked to have gained weight while on vacation, and there was one explanation. “Everybody thinks that some of the weight must belong to the baby she’s always talking about,” they said. “She was talking about babies right after they got back from their vacation — and that’s when she started piling on the pounds!”

In March, the National Enquirer reported that Lambert was planning on having a baby to enact some sort of revenge plan on ex-husband Blake Shelton. According to the outlet’s anonymous source, it was a sore spot in her relationship with Shelton since he was apparently opposed to having any kids during his time with Lambert.

“Miranda saw that as a deal-breaker in their marriage,” an anonymous insider explained, noting that McLoughlin already has a child from a previous relationship. “But seeing how great a father Brendan is has convinced her that he should be her baby’s daddy.”

“Nobody gave Miranda and Brendan much of a chance” the tipster explained, arguing that Blake Shelton thought she “had married just to beat him and Gwen [Stefani] to the altar.” However, after reflecting on her old relationship and her time with McLoughlin’s son, “she’s learned that her own happiness is the best revenge.”

Lambert And McLoughlin Ready To Divorce?

Life & Style reported that the “honeymoon very well may be over” for Lambert and McLoughlin after they were supposedly spotted arguing in public. According to the magazine’s tipster, the couple were apparently locked in some sort of tense standoff on the streets of New York City. “Brendan and Miranda weren’t holding hands or smiling. It definitely wasn’t a romantic walk,” the source claimed. “Brendan was motioning with his hands as if they were arguing,” they added, “there was some sort of tension between them.”

While the publication didn’t explain why the eagle-eyed source failed to capture any images of the dispute, it instead referred to another corroborating article. The outlet quickly pointed out that this public spat came on “the heels of a shocking report that Miranda was seen boozing by herself” in an attempt to cope with the relationship.

That report came from In Touch, a sister publication of Life & Style, from a few weeks before. The magazine said that McLoughlin and Lambert were living totally separate lives less than a year after they wed. “She was blinded by love when they met and rushed into marriage without truly getting to know him,” an unnamed insider said. “When she’s really down, she’ll go to a bar alone to drown her sorrows.”

The source argued that even McLoughlin’s friends and family “resent Miranda for turning his life upside down,” since “they feel like she has taken over his life and caused so much drama. She’s very controlling. “The control issue is supposedly related to Lambert’s lack of trust with her husband, but “she doesn’t want to scare him off by stopping him from seeing his pals or asking to be invited to boys’ nights out.”

“Miranda loves Brendan, but there are times when she asks herself whether she made the right decision,” the generous insider concluded. “Something has to change or they’re not going to make it.”

Roughly four months after they exchanged vows, Star broke the news of the couple’s supposedly impending divorce. Miranda Lambert was packing up to move out of their shared $2 million New York City apartment after the country singer came to the conclusion that “marrying Brendan was the biggest mistake of her life.” According to the magazine’s insider, the biggest cause of friction was the distance between Lambert’s Tennessee base and McLoughlin’s home of New York. “Flying Brendan back and forth to Tennessee was tiring,” the source said.

Even worse, Lambert’s friends were panicked that a divorce could be extremely bad news for her finances. “Because of the way she rushed in to marrying Brendan, they’re scared she didn’t have him sign a prenup,” the insider added. “They’re very fearful she didn’t take the necessary legal steps to protect her money.” Apparently, even Blake Shelton knew about the impending divorce and sent over a snide text wishing his ex-wife luck with finding a third spouse. Lambert, on the other hand, “can’t seem to believe she’s just had one failed romance after another.”

The National Enquirer reported that McLoughlin was extremely unhappy and ready to get out the marriage. The paper claimed that he was struggling to adjust to life as the husband of someone so famous. “He came from a very macho profession and culture to a situation where he has no say in his own life because everything is controlled by Miranda and her money and her celebrity,” an anonymous insider said. “He’s been sucked into her vortex.” after a series “rocky moments,” including but not limited to “silent treatment” battles and “boozy fights.”

What’s Really Going On With Brendan McLoughlin And Miranda Lambert

Although the rumors about the couple may continue to run wild, it seems like the husband and wife are doing well. While unnamed “sources” may point to signs of trouble brewing or a baby on the way, we realize that the tabloids have been calling for a divorce or pregnancy for literal years now. In reality, Lambert and McLoughlin are doing the same as everyone else in the coronavirus pandemic — staying safe and keeping it low-key.

Although to be honest, some of these rumors ended up having a slight hint of the truth to them — Lambert and McLoughlin did see their family grow recently, but it wasn’t on account of a revenge/marriage-saving baby. Instead, Lambert shared with fans that McLoughlin had spotted a terrified kitten on the highway, and without hesitating, stopped and saved the frightened feline. Despite the plethora of stories saying that the relationship was over or that the couple was fighting with one another, they’re obviously still on the same page. Lambert credited her husband for sharing in her passion for animal rescue, and now, the happy family has an extra set of paws to care for together.

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