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It Seems Like Meghan Markle Doesn’t Age: The 1 Thing the Future Royal Does Every Day to Stay Young


It Seems Like Meghan Markle Doesn’t Age: The 1 Thing the Future Royal Does Every Day to Stay Young

Many actors and actresses succumb to the pressure of plastic surgery to stay youthful in Hollywood. But not Meghan Markle. The former Suits actress played a character an estimated five years her junior. So how did she keep herself looking so young without the extra nips and tucks?

The royal takes a completely holistic approach to her skin care, and the results are something everyone can get behind. You won’t believe some of the strange things she does .

She’s 36 years old

Meghan Markle is wearing a purple shirt and talking at a podium.

Meghan Markle takes a holistic approach to looking and feeling young.

Markle, 36, ranks among women like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Sure, we watch them celebrate birthdays year after year, but do they ever age?

There is barely a wrinkle on Markle’s face, and she looks nearly as youthful as she did when she was younger. But her tips for staying young aren’t royal family secrets. Like most things Meghan Markle, they’re down-to-earth and surprisingly affordable.

Next: This is how Markle eats to keep her lean figure.

She follows a vegan diet throughout the week …

Chopped vegetables being placed on a plate.

Meghan Markle eats healthy throughout the week, but she allows herself to indulge on the weekends.

… But she lets herself indulge in fries and pasta on the weekends. “It’s all about balance,” she told Best Health. “Because I work out the way I do, I don’t ever want to feel deprived. I feel that the second you do that is when you start to binge on things. It’s not a diet; it’s lifestyle eating.”

She reaffirmed her everything-in-moderation attitude to Express. “If I am thinking about my weight, I will cut out gluten, try to eat vegan, cut back on my beloved wine and perhaps not eat a big bowl of pasta if I have a photo shoot the next day,” she said. “But generally, I think everything is okay in moderation.”

Next: She swears by these natural supplements.

Markle swears by these natural supplements

Meghan Markle during an official photocall to announce her engagement.

She maintains her mind and body extremely well.

Markle told Daily Mail she uses coconut oil for everything from cooking to her skin and hair care. She also takes at least four supplements a day for her health. Among them are magnesium for strong bones, B12 drops to help with fatigue, various multivitamins, and Cortisol Manager to reduce stress. Markle has also preached the powers of sitting in an infrared sauna every week to “sweat out all the toxins.”

NextIf you won’t listen to your dermatologist, at least listen to Markle.

She keeps her body and skin hydrated

Water in a glass.

Hydration is key for keeping her skin glowing.

Markle attempts to drink 2 liters of water a day to hydrate her skin and body. And she uses Nivea’s Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion because of its affordable price and how it makes her skin “look and feel amazing,” according to Refinery29.

Markle also doesn’t hit the beach without sunscreen for her skin and lips. Her favorite is Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15. It’s probably best she stays SPF-protected since Markle “lives by the ethos that most things can be cured with either yoga, the beach, or a few avocados.”

Next: A necessary evil that Markle considers her mid-afternoon caffeine kick.

This drink keeps Markle going in the afternoon

Green Organic Wheat Grass Juice

It’s important to find the right mix of ingredients for green juice.

Prince Harry’s wife told Delish she views her afternoon green juice like most people view their mid-afternoon caffeine kick. “Green juice is a food-as-medicine philosophy for me,” she told the publication. She told that those wanting to go the green juice route should “play with the recipe” to find a mix of fruits and vitamins that works best for you.

Next: Markle’s philosophy on aging

She has her own philosophy on aging and exercise

Meghan Markle and Serena Williams at a charity football game.

Meghan Markle manages to live an active lifestyle despite her busy schedule. | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

“As I’m getting older, my approach to aging is quite different,” she told Best Health. She reinforced taking care of herself for more than “aesthetic” reasons — but for how it makes her feel. “If I don’t have time for a long workout, I’ll grab my dog and go for a quick run,” she said. “Being active is my own moving meditation.”

Next: This is a must since Markle is so busy.

She has to have her snacks

Apples are a great snack.

There are a lot of duties required of a duchess. So it’s no surprise that Markle has a go-to afternoon snack plan to keep her going. But instead of reaching for a bag of chips or a coffee, she sticks to healthier fare, such as apples and green juice.

Next: Her face gets the royal treatment and then some.

She gets rejuvenating facials

Nichola Joss' selfie

Nichola Joss is expert at facials.

Markle’s mom encouraged her to get facials from age 13 on — a habit she’s thankful for today. Markle visits Nichola Joss, a facialist for the likes of Kate Moss and Kate Winslet, for a 60-minute “sculpting inner facial.” Joss massages the outside of the face and inside of the mouth and sculpts patients’ cheekbones to “lift and brighten.”

The facial is pricey, so though it’s a great option for the former actress, it isn’t realistic for everyone. Still, even Markle does DIY face treatments at home that are completely free, which we’ll discuss next.

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She performs DIY face yoga

Annelise Hagen doing facial yoga.

She credits face yoga for her sculpted features.

“I do facial exercises from one of my favorite aestheticians … who basically has you sculpt your face from the inside out,” Markle told Birchbox. The exercises involve stimulating facial muscle tone by pulling your skin into various different poses. “I swear it works, as silly as you may feel,” Markle said. “On the days I do it, my cheekbones and jawline are waaaay more sculpted.”

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