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Janet Jackson Calls Cops Due to Child Welfare Concern


Janet Jackson Calls Cops Due to Child Welfare Concern

According to multiple news outlets, Janet Jackson called the police on Saturday night because was concerned about the emotional and/or physical well-being of her one-year-old son, Eissa Al Mana.

He was with his father and the singer’s ex-husband at the time, Wissam Al Mana.

Janet Jackson Brings It

Per Entertainment Tonight, authorities in Malibu County responded to a call shortly before 10 p.m. at the Nobu Hotel, where they were asked to check on the welfare of Jackson’s only child.

Speaking to ET’s Kevin Frazier, Janet’s brother Randy explained that his sibling dialed 911 after being contacted by a nanny who was working for Al Mana.

This nanny said she was scared by the way Al Mana was acting.

Randy told the aforementioned website that the nanny was “terrified by his behavior and locked herself in a bathroom, so she could contact Janet.”

Yikes, huh?

Further details remain mostly unknown at this time, however.

Janet Jackson Points

Police did not find anyone on danger at the scene and reportedly told Janet and Wissam to handle the matter civility.

No charges of any kind will be filed.

Jackson and Al Mana welcomed their son on January 2, 2017… only to split up three months later.

What could have possibly happened? How did they get married and then choose to go their separate ways almost as soon as their family was established?

“One of the many divorcing factors was their religious beliefs,” a source told E! News early last year, adding:

“Wissam and Janet did not feel that they were on the same page when it came to this and the way they wanted their child to get raised.”

Janet Jackson Accepts

Interesting, right?

It appears as if Janet and her estranged spouse had conflict from the beginning over their son and how he ought to be raised/treated/taught.

Janet is more of a free spirit than Wissam. Cultural difference and backgrounds played a major role,” this same source said.

Jackson, meanwhile, has remained mostly off the radar and silent since becoming a first-time mother.

But she was recognized for her legendary career at the Billboard Music Awards in May, performing a medley of smash hits on stage and giving and impressive speech.

“I’m deeply humbled and grateful for this award,” she said, alluding to the #MeToo movement and the ongoing power of this feminist movement in society:

“I believe that for all the challenges… we live a great moment in history. It’s a moment that at long last women have made it clear that we will not be controlled, manipulated or abused.

“I stand with those women and those men.”

So very well said.

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