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Kate Middleton Daily Diet: What the Duchess Eats Stay in Shape


Kate Middleton Daily Diet: What the Duchess Eats Stay in Shape

While having a toned and fit physique is not part of the royal family rulebook, it is one of the things Kate Middleton always keeps in mind. In her daily life, the Duchess of Cambridge keeps active by practicing yoga, running, or walking the dog. However, that’s not the only way she stays in shape. In addition to exercise, Kate Middleton’s daily diet consists of foods that help keep her weight in check while still allowing her to indulge here and there.

Find out what Kate Middleton eats to stay in shape, ahead.

.Pippa and Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton daily diet

Much like her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton loves food and loves to cook. However, she understands that certain indulgences are just that — indulgences. And, she always tries to eat healthy, well-balanced meals that will fuel her for her busy, daily grind without sacrificing her slender physique. Find out what Kate Middleton’s daily diet is like, ahead.

No pasta

One of the biggest royal family food rules is no pasta. However, the rule usually only applies around the queen (who only serves it on special occasions) and Kate Middleton likely has it on her menu every now and then at home.

She loves curry

One of Kate Middleton’s favorite foods is curry. And, as it turns out, it’s something the Duchess of Cambridge always asks for when ordering takeout. But, in addition to picking up her food from a local spot, Kate Middleton likes to cook her own curry dishes.

High protein, low carb

When Kate Middleton wants to shed extra pounds — such as before her wedding day — the duchess switches to a high protein, low carb diet called The Dukan Diet. While on the eating plan, Kate Middleton’s daily diet consists of vegetables, fruit, lean protein, and whole wheat bread.

Roasted chicken

Like Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton loves to cook roasted chicken for her family. It is allegedly one of her go-to home-cooked meals when her family has time in their busy schedules to sit down for a meal together.

Raw foods

Kate Middleton’s daily diet also consists of raw foods. She likes to incorporate dishes such as ceviche to balance out her food choices. Her other favorite raw foods include watermelon salad, goji berries, gazpacho, tabbouleh, and almond milk.

She indulges

While it’s not part of Kate Middleton’s daily diet, the duchess still likes to enjoy a sweet treat every now and then. According to reports, when the family arrives at Sandringham House for Christmas celebrations, they are greeted with treats and Kate doesn’t deny herself the opportunity. These treats usually consist of Christmas pudding and fruitcake (which was also her wedding cake flavor) with afternoon tea.

In addition to indulging for herself, Kate Middleton also allows her children to have a sweet from time-to-time. Prince George is allegedly a fan of cake.

Pregnancy diet

Thanks to her severe nausea during pregnancy, Kate Middleton had a hard time keeping things down. She allegedly even had to go through food hypnotherapy to promote a better appetite. While pregnant, Kate Middleton’s daily diet included a lot of avocados, oatmeals, and berries to help her gain healthy weight.

She tries new things

In addition to her daily diet, Kate Middleton also likes to try new things — especially when visiting foreign countries on royal tours.

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