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Keely Shaye’s Weight Loss – How She Lost 100 Pounds


Keely Shaye’s Weight Loss – How She Lost 100 Pounds

Keely Shaye’s Weight Loss – How She Lost 100 Pounds

Reports say that Keely Shaye Smith lost a whopping 100 pounds!

As the wife of Hollywood stud and heartthrob, Pierce Brosnan, Keely Shaye’s weight was always under scrutiny. When her new pictures flooded the internet, it was clear that Shaye lost a considerable amount of weight. Read on to know Keely Shaye’s extraordinary weight loss story and how you too can win the battle against the stubborn fat. Swipe up!

Keely Shaye – Woman Extraordinaire

Keely Shaye – Woman Extraordinaire


Keely Shaye is Pierce Brosnan’s wife. She is also known for her beauty, modeling, career as a journalist and a budding director, philanthropy, and for being so down to earth.

Keely Shaye was born on 25th September, 1963. She started out as a model, appeared in MTV music video, “Stuck with You,” and went on to study journalism. Later, she became the environmental correspondent for ABC’s The Home Show. This show earned her two Genesis Awards and a Special Achievement Award at the Environmental Film Festival, 1991.

From 1994 to 1997, Keely Shaye served as a correspondent for NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries and Today Show.

On April 8th, 1994, Shaye and Brosnan tied the knot in Mexico. Together, they live their life fighting for the environment, cancer, AIDS, and other good causes.

All of this brings us to one question – where is her modeling figure? How did Keely Shaye gain the weight, to begin with? Find all about that in the next section.

Why Did Keely Shaye Gain Weight?

Why Did Keely Shaye Gain Weight


Keely Shaye started gaining weight after the birth of her children. Many women tend to gain weight post childbirth, and it can be due to hormonal effects and/or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Throughout years, Keely Shaye’s changing body was captured in photos. But her weight gain did not stop her from rocking a bikini. Well, I guess the saying is true, “self-confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it.”

But then, why did she decide to lose weight? Well, let’s find out.

Why Did Keely Shaye Decide To Lose Weight?

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