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8 Surprising Facts About Michelle Obama


8 Surprising Facts About Michelle Obama

Since Barack Obama left office as the President of the United States, you might think he and his family had no more surprises to offer. However, thanks to Michelle Obama, this family keeps on dropping our jaws to the ground!

While doing press for her memoir, Becoming, Michelle spilled a lot of tea about Barack and their relationship. And the biggest surprise of all was that the two of them had to go to marriage counseling at one point.

It’s a shocker because this power couple is often presented as the perfect relationship. What, then, could disrupt the perfect marriage and send them to a counselor?

Let’s delve into the truth of why Barack and Michelle Obama went to marriage counseling and what they learned from it.

The True Reason Michelle Obama Went To Marriage Counseling | Instanthub

How Barack and Michelle Obama met

In terms of how they met, Barack and Michelle Obama have a pretty standard love story. But it’s a little telling that Michelle initially thought it was a bit “tacky.”

At 25, Michelle Obama (then Michelle Robinson) worked at a law firm as an attorney. Eventually, she got a pretty unique task: to serve as a mentor to a 28-year-old Barack Obama, who was at that time a law student.

Barack was definitely hot for teacher, and he ended up asking her out about a month later. While Michelle had some misgivings, she eventually agreed to a first date where they went to a museum. And a mere two years later, the two of them got married.

On paper, what followed was absolutely perfect. They enjoyed adorable children, rising fame, and Barack’s eventual status as the most powerful person in the world. Years after leaving the White House, though, Michelle spilled the beans on their marriage problems.

Michelle wanted to ‘fix’ Barack Obama

If you’ve ever been to couples therapy, you know it’s a rookie mistake to think that only one person needs to change. Unfortunately, this was a mistake that Michelle ended up making.

In fact, she summed it up nicely when speaking with Jimmy Fallon in 2018. According to Michelle, she thought, ‘I’m taking you to marriage counseling so you can be fixed, Barack Obama. Because I was like, ‘I’m perfect.’”

She soon discovered that counseling was about mutual compromise and mutual change.

“You go because you think the counselor is going to help you make your case against the other person,” Michelle told Oprah in 2018. “And lo and behold, counseling wasn’t that at all.”

Next, we’ll discuss the issues that marriage counseling revealed Michelle needed to address.

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