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Mo’Nique To Steve Harvey: I Will Punch You!


Mo’Nique To Steve Harvey: I Will Punch You!

Things got seriously heated during Mo’Nique and Steve Harvey’s highly anticipated interview on Wednesday.

News quickly spread that the actress actually “slapped” Steve in the face.

And while that rumor was wrong, it wasn’t far fetched.

Mo'Nique pic

During an all-new Steve, the talk show host invited his long-time friend onto the show to address some negative headlines.

Mo’Nique and Steve went head-to-head on the comedienne’s comments over Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry.

And according to HollywoodLife, “Mo goes as far to say she was getting ready to punch Steve in the mouth.”

Steve Harvey Sort of Sucks

The two’s debate intensified over her comments about being “blackballed” from movies and how she even told Daniels, Perry and Oprah to “suck my d***” during a stand-up show.

I’m sorry, but how do you say such things about Oprah and not expect to get excluded from the film industry?

That rowdy behavior may get you a rose on The Bachelor, but not a lead role in a movie.

Uh O

Steve gets right to it and asks: “You started getting labeled as difficult, why do you believe that happened and do you see that changing and why?”

She replies, “I said no to some very powerful people.”

The Oscar-winner then went on to say she didn’t appreciate Steve’s handling of the situation after news broke that she was “blackballed from the industry.”

She said she was incredibly hurt when Steve reportedly said: “My sister burnt too many bridges and there’s nothing I can do for her now.”

Steve Harvey on Set

The TV host assured her and said he understands her anger towards his statement but also thought she “went about it all wrong.”

“We can’t cure darkness with more darkness,” he said to her.

Over the years, Mo has claimed that she was blackballed by Hollywood after refusing to promote her film Precious without additional pay and she argued that some big names attempted to silence her during her pursuit of equality.

Mo'Nique Picture

Their tempered talk finally turned into a real conversation as Steve apologized for not calling her the moment he heard about the news.

“Here is what I want you to understand, as we try to come through this, I know who you really are, I want you to come through this,” the host said.

“I love you like a sister, I hate what is happening to you. I want them to know you are caring, a great mother, you are an incredible mother,” he continued, holding her hand and looking into her eyes.

Steve Harvey & Mo'Nique!

“I don’t like the fact that you’ve been blackballed…I want this to end for you. Because I love you. Because these people are doing it the wrong way and you’re better than that.

“I probably should’ve called you as soon as it happened, but I didn’t. When I did, I listened to you, but I told you, in the beginning, we’re going about this the wrong way.”

He summed up the issue by telling Mo’Nique that those people owe her an apology, but that she also owes them an apology.

Steve Harvey on Stage

Steve also revealed that he would facilitate the conversation, bringing in all parties involved for a private (but probably not) open discussion.

And their talk resolved with a promise that Steve will get her the release she desperately needs.

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