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Numbers Don’t Lie! Kate’s Fortune Worth More Than William’s.


Numbers Don’t Lie! Kate’s Fortune Worth More Than William’s.

KATE MIDDLETON, 37, is best known for being a member of the Royal family and married to the future King, Prince William, 36. How much was she worth before she became part of the Royal family?

Kate Middleton, 37, has been part of the Royal family since she married Prince William in 2011, but before this she had wealth of her own.

Even before the wedding, the Duchess had an impressive net worth of her own.

Kate was born into an upper-middle class family and her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, had their own fortune.

The Duchess of Cambridge is estimated to have been worth £5.3 million before she joined the Royal Family, according to Time.

Kate was born in Reading in 1982 and attended public schools such as Downe House and Wiltshire’s Marlborough College, which cost up to £36,000 a year.

Her parents were the founders of Party Pieces, a party supplies business that is now worth around £30 million.

The Duchess of Cambridge went to St Andrews University, which is where she first met her husband-to-be, Prince William.

Despite her royal partner, Kate took up a part-time job as an accessories buyer for the retailer, Jigsaw, after she graduated, which will have helped her build her own fortune.

Kate Middleton net worth: Fortune of Duchess

Kate Middleton net worth: wealth before marriage

Kate also helped out with her parent’s business, working on catalogue design and production, marketing and photography.

Much of Kate’s net worth came about from her family’s business and she worked for them up until just months before her wedding.

During her time in London, she lived in her parent’s £1.4 million flat in Chelsea.

Kate and William had one of the most watched weddings in history when they got married in April 2011.

Since the wedding, her net worth saw a huge spike, as the Royal Family is worth around £66 billion, according to Forbes magazine.


Kate Middleton net worth: Kate and William

Kate Middleton wore green for St Patrick’s Day but she also followed a cute tradition.

The Duchess wore green to celebrate the Irish holiday and Prince William wore military dress.

Kate follows another sweet tradition, as she always presents a sprig of shamrock to an Irish Wolfhound, who is the mascot of the Irish Guards.

William and Kate also carry out certain measure to avoid looking like Charles and Diana in public, according to a body language expert.

Expert Judi James said: “While Charles and Diana sadly illustrated every stage of their relationship in their body language William and Kate have yet to veer from signals suggesting anything more intriguing or revealing than perfect smiles, love, and perfect mirroring.”

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