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One Woman’s Incredible Rise to Fame After Shedding a Whopping 420 lbs


One Woman’s Incredible Rise to Fame After Shedding a Whopping 420 lbs

In recent years, the developed world has been facing an obesity epidemic, mainly due to an increase in fast food, rising prices for fresh and healthy eating, and busy lifestyles and jobs leading to less time spent exercising. This is especially true in the US, where statistics estimate that nearly 75% of American men and 60% of American women are obese. Lexi Reed from Terre Haute, Indiana, fell into this bracket, as did her husband, Danny. Together, they decided enough was enough and embarked on an incredible fitness and healthy eating program that completely transformed their lives. Not only did they exceed their weight-loss goals but they also found international fame. This couple’s story of determination, hard work, and dedication shows that anything is possible if you set goals and strive to achieve them – and together, they have motivated and inspired countless people around the world to follow in their footsteps and turn their lives around for the better. Read on for this incredible story in full.

A Heavy Start to Life

From a young age, Reed had struggled with her weight. She had always been physically more significant than average and self-conscious about it – but no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to shed the excess pounds.

By the time she was just 25 years old, she had weighed 392 pounds. Feeling as though her obesity was impacting her personal and professional life – as well as her health – Lexi was extremely unhappy. Enough was enough.

Finding That Special Someone

There was no denying that Lexi’s weight was an issue, so she decided to make a change. She was determined to love herself and be happy with what she saw in the mirror. Little did she know that she was about to meet Danny, and her life would dramatically change.


Their connection was instant and went far deeper than physical appearance – Lexi was sure that Danny didn’t find her weight an issue. He made it clear that he loved everything about her. There was, however, still one problem.

A Life-Changing Question

But everything was about to change for both of them. Danny asked Lexi a question that

would alter their lives – he asked her to marry him. Lexi didn’t even have to think about her answer – he was the only person she wanted to be with.


As they started to plan their wedding, Lexi began to worry about her weight a lot. She was now 485 pounds and trying to find a wedding dress that suited her size and shape was going to be a huge struggle.

A New Year’s Resolution

To Lexi and Danny, the start of a new year seemed to be the perfect time to put their plan to turn their life around into action. They’d been talking about it for far too long – now, it was time to take action.


And so it was on 1 January 2016 that Lexi and Danny changed their lives. Lexi was more determined than ever to become happier and healthier – in reality, her life really did depend on it. Danny, however, wasn’t as keen at first.

To Diet or Not to Diet?

In fact, Danny thought it was a bad idea. He loved their routine and wasn’t inclined to change anything about their lifestyle. He didn’t share Lexi’s concerns and just wanted to carry on how they were.


Lexi didn’t give up and, before long, Danny realized just how important this was to his wife. As any caring husband would, he decided to support her throughout the process. He knew deep down it was the best thing for both of them.

A Truly Magical Moment

It didn’t stop there – Lexi and Danny were now able to travel. Both of them were able to fit on a standard airplane seat, and Lexi was even able to ride comfortably on theme park rides. Their worlds were truly opening up because of their weight loss.


To top it off, Lexi’s dream of visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando came true. It really was a magical moment for her, made even more special by the fact she was sharing it with Danny. The couple had come such a long way.

A Transformation of Confidence

Lexi has transformed from the shy, self-conscious girl to a woman who feels comfortable in

her own skin. She no longer feels like a prisoner in her body and is enjoying her life more than she ever did before.


But it’s not just about being thinner – Lexi loved herself even when she was larger. It was also about being healthy and living life to the full, and Lexi can appreciate how hard she’s worked and how far she’s come over the last few years.

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