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Oprah Winfrey Finally Confirms the Rumor About Her Sister


Oprah Winfrey Finally Confirms the Rumor About Her Sister

Patricia Lofton was born under unfortunate circumstances that she was well-aware of. She knew she was adopted but didn’t know much about her biological family. Naturally, the older she got, the more curious she got. When she finally found out the truth about her family tree, Patricia was shocked. She spent years longing to reunite with her birth family.


When she couldn’t stand the yearning any longer, she finally started her search but stopped to take care of her own children. Finally, she was ready to continue her investigation, but she didn’t really expect what was about to come. She discovered that her biological half-sister is one of the most recognized women on the planet. After proving who she was by adoption records and DNA testing, Patricia’s life was forever changed.

This is Patricia’s crazy journey to find the truth about her family.

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