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Pierce Brosnan Stopped By TSA, Caught With Knife!


Pierce Brosnan Stopped By TSA, Caught With Knife!

Pierce Brosnan must have forgotten that he isn’t really James Bond.

On Sunday afternoon, the esteemed British actor tried to board a plane with a knife in his bag. But he isn’t as slick as 007.

TSA agents quickly noticed the knife and pulled Brosnan aside.

Pierce Brosnan Photograph

A TSA official at Burlington International Airport in Vermont dished the details to TMZ. The official claimed it is still unclear if Brosnan knew the knife was in his carry-on bag.

But once TSA saw the weapon, they had a chat with him, giving him the option to surrender the knife or to put it in his checked luggage. Brosnan opted to put the knife in his checked luggage and went about his way.

Though attempting to board a plane with a knife is a serious offense, Brosnan was compliant with TSA regulations once they talked to him.

Pierce is certainly not the first famous person to be stopped by TSA.

In 2013, Rand Paul was detained by TSA after refusing a pat down. And just this April, Alyssa Milano’s containers of breast milk were confiscated by British TSA agents.

There was no arrest or citation issued.

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