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Pirce Brosnan’s Wife Lost 120 Pounds – Try Not to Gasp!


Pirce Brosnan’s Wife Lost 120 Pounds – Try Not to Gasp!

1 of 8: On the screen he often play seducers and tough guys, but in real life Pierce Brosnan has been faithful to one woman for 25 years. He is still madly in love with his wife, although the mischievous reproach him that he should replace her with the younger model.

2 of 8: Pierce Brosnan once called his wife “my North Star, which always shows me a good way.” He lacks frequent Hollywood vanity. But he is not habituated with his wife. They behave like a pair of newlyweds. They are constantly holding hands, do not spare their tenderness, and before kissing they can not restrain themselves even on the red carpet. They spend every moment toge         

3 of 8: Brosnan and Keely met at a beach party in Mexico in 1994. They went on a first date a few days later and talked until 3 am. Brosnan was cast in the role of James Bond in the same year and his career took off. He sent his beloved airline tickets wherever he worked, so they can spend more time together. Keely showed the actor the support he needed. Energetic TV presenter was his strength.

4 of 8: Keely Shaye Smith, gained her weight from the birth of her sons. She does not resemble Hollywood beauties. “She weighs 90 kg! She does not match him! “- write actor fans on the forums. Although the problem of obesity in the US is widespread, in Hollywood is an unacceptable sin. People from show business, journalists put up bets – they do it to this day – when Pierce will leave an obese wife.

5 of 8: Keely’s weight became a hot topic for the tabloids. Some of rumors said that Pierce was going to leave her if she didn’t lose weight. Other rumors were claimed that Keely wanted a liposuction but Pierce wouldn’t stand for it. In opposition to the gossips, Pierce often defense her.

6 of 8: Pierce definitely refused to deal with  crazy comments or rumors about his wife. He called any critics “nasty,”. Often get asked about his wife’s appearance and he stating firmly that he will always love Keely. Later, she decided that it’s time to get her health back on track!

7 of 8: Keely tried different diets to lose weight, like the Atkins and South Beach diets. Each of these diets proved to be ineffective. None of diets seemed to work. She managed to finally start a healthier lifestyle. You won’t believe what she looks like now!

8 of 8: After changed her lifestyle, she lose 120 pounds. Keely committed to clean eating and exercising. She’s been able to maintain the weight loss, too. Either way, Pierce will stand by her forever and love till they die. That’s true love!

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