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Portia and Ellen’s Sad Marriage News


Portia and Ellen’s Sad Marriage News

When Ellen DeGeneres announced she was signing on to another three years on her hit talk show, her fans were thrilled. But one person who was reportedly not among them is the star’s wife, Portia de Rossi – with things allegedly so bad between the couple, that a US report today says the move may ‘kill their marriage’.

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According to American OK! magazine, the contract renewal is a ‘nightmare scenario’ for the couple.

‘Portia hung around because Ellen swore she’s ease up on her workaholic ways,’ an insider told the publication.

‘Now she’ll be doing those 12-or-14 hour days on a regular basis.

‘It’s testing Portia’s limit to the max, and the feeling is she could well walk.’

The talk does not come from nowhere. Ellen admitted last year that Portia was keen for her to explore other avenues.

‘Portia gets made when my brother tells me I can’t stop,’ Ellen admitted.

Explained Portia at the time: ‘It doesn’t have to be this talk show for her creativity,’ Portia said at the time, ‘there are other things she could tackle.’

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Now it remains to be seen if the time-consuming job will drive a wedge between the couple.

‘There’s a growing fear that Ellen is pushing ger wife’s buttons too hard,’ a source told the publication. ‘And that Portia won’t be able to tolerate it much longer.’

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