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Robin Roberts Drops Untold Bombshell!


Robin Roberts Drops Untold Bombshell!

Robin Roberts Breaks Down in Tears After Emotional


During coverage of the Las Vegas shooting massacre, Good Morning America spoke with an eyewitness — which grew so emotional that it caused anchor Robin Roberts to tear up.

Roberts and co-anchor George Stephanopoulos interviewed Jasmine Barbusca — who attended the concert outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino at which the shooting took place.

“How I did not get shot, by the grace of God, I honestly…I don’t know,” Barbusca said, breaking down.

The interview continued, with Stephanopoulos asking Barbusca if she’d had an opportunity to speak with her children.

“I’m going to wait until I get home to see them and talk to them. I don’t think I would be strong enough,” Barbusca said through tears. “They wouldn’t understand why mommy is crying, you know?

Roberts, at that point, choked up.

“You tell ’em that they have a strong mom,” Roberts said to Barbusca. “They have a very strong mom. What you’ve endured, and how you’ve handled everything. By the grace of God.”

Roberts and Stephanopoulos thanked Barbusca and the interview concluded.

“It gets to you when you are hearing what these people have been going through,” Roberts said.

Watch the powerful segment above, via ABC.

Is Robin Roberts Leaving GMA?

In short, the answer is no. It appears Robin’s name is being used in a large online scam without her consent. As we’ve seen in the past with Lara Spencer, Joanna Gaines, and Savannah Guthrie, the fraudsters will create fake ads saying that the unknowing celebrity is “starting a skincare/beauty brand” in order to sell their bogus products.

It’s happened before to Robin, who originally shut down the rumors back in August of 2018 via Twitter. And based on recent tweets, it looks like the ads might be making the rounds again.

Thank you but this is not true. It’s a bogus ad..a total scam. I and other public figures have been subjected to this falsehood and hope to put an end to it soon.

Yikes! In the future, how can I tell if these ads are fake?

When you come across ads on social media like these, it’s so crucial to follow these safety tips from the GoodHousekeeping Institute before you do any shopping online or offer up your information:

  1. Watch out for links sent from an unknown number. You should never, ever click on a link sent to you if you don’t recognize the number.
  2. Keep your eyes peeled for bad grammar or typos. Real and distinguished businesses proofread their official communications.
  3. Be extremely cautious with your personal info. Always be conservative with what you provide to any website, and make sure that you’re entering it through the retailer’s website directly.

Robin Roberts Receives Huge Honor

Robin Roberts receives 2019 Sager Strong Award

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts gives her speech after receiving the Sager Strong Award at the 2019 NBA Awards. In 2007, Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer, triggering an outpouring of support from across the nation.

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