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Sadness of Jennifer Aniston’s final words to Angelina Jolie before Brad Pitt affair


Sadness of Jennifer Aniston’s final words to Angelina Jolie before Brad Pitt affair

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but Jennifer Aniston’s last words to Angelina Jolie before her affair with Brad Pitt are now tinged with sadness.

Jennifer was embarking on the final series of Friends when she met Angelina in a car park before filming of Mr and Mrs Smith had began in 2004.

There had been a lot of tension in the marriage between Jen and Brad, as he had objected to her agreeing to filming a last series of the hit comedy, despite her bagging a cool $1 million (£786,000) per episode.

Brad was a noticeable absentee when Friends was finally wrapped up and cast, crew and families gathered for one last party.

Brad and Angelina ‘fell in love on set’ (Image: Getty Images
Jennifer had shrugged off questions about where her husband was by saying he was busy filming Mr and Mrs Smith.

Brad for his part said that he didn’t want to see the last episode being filmed as he didn’t want to ‘spoil it’ for when he got to watch it on TV.

Unbeknown to her at that time though, in truth Jennifer had lost Brad’s heart to another and their marriage was soon to be over.

Jennifer Aniston last year (Image: Getty Images)
Speaking to Vanity Fair about that time in her life, Jennifer revealed that the one and only time she met Angelina was actually in the car park of where Friends was filmed.

This was days before Angelina would hook up with Brad on the set of the movie that they would come out of the other side as a future husband and wife.

Jennifer said about the meeting: “I pulled over and introduced myself.

“I said, ‘Brad is so excited about working with you. I hope you guys have a really good time.'”

Brad and Jen just before their split in 2004 (Image: Reuters)
The sadness of this comment can now be felt now time has passed as friends of Jennifer admitted that Brad soon after ‘checked out emotionally’ from their marriage.

Jennifer admitted herself that soon after Brad met Angelina “he was gone.”

Brad and Jen were once the most celebrated celebrity couple (Image: Getty Images)


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