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Sandra Bullock Confirms The Rumor Today

Sandra Bullock holds her Oscar for best actress in "The Blind Side" as she arrives with her husband Jesse James


Sandra Bullock Confirms The Rumor Today

It’s been a 15 years since the exes were first happily married in July 2005.

But their love wasn’t made to last forever as they went their separate ways five years later in 2010.

The curse of the Oscars struck again: just after Sandra lifted the gong for Best Actress in The Blind Side, her marriage to cheat Jesse crumbled.

Sandra, now 55, poured her heart out in her Oscar-winning speech to her husband, but shortly after it was revealed he had ruined their marriage with a series of flings.

Days before his infidelity was made public, it was understood the Oscar-winning actress had moved out of their marital home.

Sandra Bullock holds her Oscar for best actress in "The Blind Side" as she arrives with her husband Jesse James

In Touch magazine revealed the intimate details of Jesse’s affair with tattooed model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee in March 2010.

Later, two other women – stripper Melissa Smith and photographer Brigitte Daguerre – also claimed to have had romantic entanglements with Jesse during his marriage.

His grovelling apologies weren’t enough to salvage the shreds of their failing marriage.

Sandra was granted a divorce by June.

In 2017, Jesse defended cheating on the Hollywood bombshell as he said having marital affairs was “part of life”.

He told : “Yeah, I did cheat on my wife, yeah, I stood up and took accountability for it and apologised. And that’s end of story. Everything else was just…”

At the time, the love rat said he come under fire from trolls on social media for sleeping around while he was married to the actress.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James (pic: Getty)

He said: “The easy [put down] is like, ‘oh well you cheated on Sandra Bullock’. That’s the world’s easiest comeback.

“In general, both women and men cheat. It’s part of life.”

Sandra has never remarried but she found her happy ever after.

She’s madly in love with photographer boyfriend Bryan Randall, who she lives with.

They have been dating since 2015 and the rest is history.

The Proposal’s leading lady has adopted two children, Louis, 10, and Laila, eight.

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