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Sean Hannity Confirms The Rumor Today

Sean Hannity; Lou Dobbs


Sean Hannity Confirms The Rumor Today

Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs to be deposed in Seth Rich lawsuit

Two of the biggest names from the Fox Corporation are set to testify under oath in a lawsuit over a right-wing conspiracy theory that Russia did not hack the emails from Democratic National Committee that were released to help Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“Fox News star Sean Hannity was once his network’s most prominent booster of conspiracy theories about murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, only stopping the rumor-mongering after Rich’s grieving parents publicly begged him to knock it off,” The Daily Beast reported Monday.

Sean Hannity; Lou Dobbs
Sean Hannity; Lou Dobbs

Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs, of Fox News Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images

“Now, Hannity will have to answer questions, under oath, about Fox’s coverage of Rich’s death. Hannity, along with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs and a host of Fox staffers, is set to be deposed in late October over the network’s debunked reporting on Rich, which falsely claimed that he had leaked thousands of Democratic emails to WikiLeaks—a leak, they suggested, that led to his politically-motivated murder,” The Beast reported. “The depositions have been scheduled as part of an emotional distress and tortious interference lawsuit that Rich’s parents, Joel and Mary Rich, filed against Fox, Fox News reporter Malia Zimmerman, and wealthy conservative and former Fox News guest Ed Butowsky.”

Both former special counsel Robert Mueller and the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee have debunked the conspiracy theory.

The report noted that Fox is seeking to block Laura Ingraham from being deposed.

Rumors fly that Sean Hannity is dating ‘Fox & Friends’ anchor Ainsley Earhardt

Wild rumors are flying that Sean Hannity is dating “Fox & Friends” anchor Ainsley Earhardt — but the pair won’t confirm or deny it.

Rumors have been swirling that the two Fox anchors were a couple after Hannity, 58, and Earhardt, 43, were spotted together near his home on Long Island during the lockdown. Both Hannity and Earhardt are single.

last week that Hannity and his wife, Jill Rhodes, have divorced after more than 20 years of marriage.

A source told Page Six, “The rumors started because Sean lives on Long Island, and Ainsley rented a house in the Hamptons during the pandemic. Sean has a studio at his home, and Ainsley has been using his studio as her remote broadcast location for ‘Fox & Friends.’”

A second source said, “They are 100 percent dating.” Yet another source said, “They have been quarantining together in Oyster Bay. They have been seen together in the area.”

Sources close to both Hannity and Earhardt had previously denied to Page Six that they are a couple.

Through a Fox News spokesperson, Hannity said today, “I do not discuss my personal life in public.”

Through the same spokesperson, Earhardt said, “Right now I am focused on raising my daughter. As anyone at Fox News will tell you, Sean is a wonderful person and whomever he chooses to date will be extremely fortunate.”

In a follow-up statement she added, “I am not dating anyone.”

Earhardt announced she split with her second husband, Clemson University quarterback Will Proctor, in 2018, and they divorced that year. They share a daughter Hayden, 4.

Hannity and former journalist Rhodes, 57, were married in 1993 and have two children: a son, Patrick, and a daughter, Merri Kelly.

Friends of the former couple say they have been legally divorced for more than a year and separated many years prior to that, but kept it under wraps.

When asked for comment, Hannity and Rhodes issued a joint statement to Page Six, which reads, “Sean and Jill are committed to working together for the best interests of their children. Amicable agreements were entered into over four years ago between Sean and Jill.

“They maintain a close relationship as parents to their children. Neither will have any further comments and ask for the sake of their children that their privacy be respected.”

The friend had insisted neither Hannity — the host of “Hannity” on Fox News and of the nationally syndicated talk radio show “The Sean Hannity Show” — nor Rhodes were involved with other people and that “Sean is basically a workaholic.”

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