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Sharon Osbourne Reportedly Drove Marie Osmond To Quit ‘The Talk’


Sharon Osbourne Reportedly Drove Marie Osmond To Quit ‘The Talk’

still frame from an episode of The Talk at home with Sharon Osbourne in a black and white dress

Could Marie Osmond’s departure from The Talk actually be the result of a feud with Sharon Osbourne? One rumor says that there’s more to Osmond’s departure than it seems. Here’s what went down.

Sharon Osbourne Pushed Marie Osmond Out?

“Snide Sharon’s Mouth Made Marie Flee ‘Talk,'” shouts the newest issue of the National Enquirer. According to the outlet and its infamous insiders, Osmond’s departure was far from pleasant — in fact, Osbourne “chased” her straight off the show. While the magazine acknowledges the fact that Osmond’s public announcement focused on her family, it rejects Osmond’s own words for a much darker take on the situation. “Marie thought the show would be fun and just a bunch of gals gabbing about their lives and whatnot, but she found out that was totally naive,” one source explains. “Sharon disliked her from the start. Marie felt Sharon was jealous of her and thought she didn’t belong. There was a definite rift between them and an undercurrent of bitchiness that everyone noticed.”

“Sharon will NOT put up with Marie trying to hog the spotlight!” the tipster adds. “From the get-go, Marie was talked over, worked over and stomped on by Sharon anytime she tried to offer a serious viewpoint,” they continue. “Sharon’s say on the panel longer than anyone else and feels that gives her the right to lead the discussion. She has a great deal of power over what happens on The Talk and that pushed Marie out.” However, the publication doesn’t let Osmond off the hook either. “Besides that, Marie is a softie and a pushover. She doesn’t speak up enough and that wasn’t what the producers wanted,” the source says.

‘The Talk’ Has Changed Over The Years

The article then goes on to, of all things, praise the efforts of disgraced former CBS head Les Moonves, who left the company after an internal investigation of sexual misconduct. Moonves’ wife, Julie Chen, was one of the original hosts of the program. “When Les was boss, The Talk got extra money for productions and promotions,” the source claims. “It was clear The Talk was his favorite. Even celebrity guests would go on the show to impress Les.”

“Once Les was fired and Julie left, all that was over. The show’s budget has been cut and the perks have vanished.” Confusingly, the source then adds that Moonves apparently influenced Osmond’s decision to join the show. “When Marie was first a guest on the show, Les was still the boss. She didn’t realize the show was very different until after she accepted the full-time job.” It’s unclear as to whether the source believes that Osmond joined the show to gab with gal pals, as it initially indicated, or if she was looking to score big-name interviews and promotions.

As a final note, the Enquirer takes one last jab at the show. With Osmond’s departure, along with creator Sara Gilbert and executive producer John Redmann, “the rats are fleeing the ship,” the source concludes. “Marie honored her contract and now she’s out. The show won’t be around for much longer and those who can are getting out now!” Throughout the whole piece, it never becomes clear whether Osmond left the show before it failed, was pushed to quit by Osbourne, was kicked out by Osbourne, or fired by producers.

Why Did Marie Osmond Really Leave ‘The Talk’?

There’s one thing missing from this surprisingly broad piece of gossip: the pandemic. Throughout the entire piece, the Enquirer never once mentions coronavirus or even the show’s forced hiatus as a result of the pandemic. Honestly, it’s totally fair to say that Osmond’s experience on the show was totally different from what she anticipated. She joined for a good first part of the season, but the show’s delay and retooling for a virtual production weren’t in anyone’s cards for the program. It’s bizarre that the magazine doesn’t even consider this as a major factor — almost as strange as its choice to dismiss Osmond’s comments on her leaving.

The reason she left is simple: She wanted to focus on other things. The show takes up a lot of time and energy, and much like Gilbert, Osmond realized that she needed to free up her schedule. Instead of listening, the magazine just doubled down on ignoring Marie Osmond’s own words. Heck, she’s thoroughly addressed the idea that there’s bad blood between her and Osbourne before.

As she told Andy Cohen earlier this year, they’re professionals. “Don’t believe anything you read,” she said after Cohen asked about a dispute between the two. “Sharon and I are great friends.” When Cohen asked if Osmond thought Osbourne owed her an apology after one of their arguments, she literally laughed and said, “No, she doesn’t owe me anything! She’s awesome!” Hopefully, the insiders at the Enquirer caught her next line: “We’re very different, we’re both strong women, I mean, I’ve been in this business — this is my sixth decade! I’ve been around.”

And that’s another major problem with this sort of rumor. To imply that she thought joining The Talk would just be hanging with pals is to imply that she’s anything less than a professional. Maybe this tabloid should spend less time complimenting a disgraced exec and more time listening to what Marie Osmond actually has to say.

Tabloids Target ‘The Talk’ Too Often

We’re not entirely sure why the infamous outlet has such an ax to grind with the program, what with its confident lines about how the show is doomed and a sinking ship. The funny thing is that this isn’t even the first time the Enquirer has failed to predict the end of The Talk. Last November, it was absolutely certain that Drew Barrymore’s talk show was going to be the final nail in the roundtable show’s coffin. Lo and behold, Barrymore’s show has kicked off and The Talk remains unaffected. There’s obviously something wrong with the “industry insider” sources that the outlet cites in its frequently wrong television coverage.

Seriously, the publication seems to really have it out for Sharon Osbourne in particular. When it’s not cheering for her show’s demise, it’s making up stories about how her husband doesn’t like her and how tacky her hair is. A few years back, it was even falsely reporting that she was on her deathbed with weeks to live! Regardless of how mean-spirited these rumors may be, Gossip Cop will keep investigating them.

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