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Steve Harvey’s Wife Reveals the Truth About Those Nasty Divorce Rumors


Steve Harvey’s Wife Reveals the Truth About Those Nasty Divorce Rumors

Steve Harvey is a household name. He started as a humble comedian before making his way to little screens all around the world. Family Feud, Steve Harvey, and Little Big Shots are all shows brought to life with his amazing hosting abilities.

Sadly, Harvey’s professional life has taken some pretty big hits recently. With his work on the line, it’s no surprise that rumors of trouble in his personal life have also begun to flourish.

What professional hits did Steve Harvey take?

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the divorce rumors swirling around the beloved talk-show host, let’s look at some of the other troubles brewing in paradise. Late last year Harvey found out that his successful show, Steve, would be going off the air. Despite still having stellar viewership, NBC decided to pull it from its network in favor of something new.

Harvey was pretty much unaware until the official announcement went out that The Kelly Clarkson Show would be taking his spot. The Family Feud host was rightfully upset as he wasn’t even briefed on the matter beforehand!

Harvey’s other professional loss is his hosting spot on Little Big Shots. Earlier this month it was announced that the hilarious Melissa McCarthy would be filling his shoes. He has been with the show since it debuted and even has some executive producer credits under his belt. Despite all that, NBC decided to swap because they feel McCarthy’s energy would be a breath of fresh air. It really looks like NBC is trying to cut ties with the famous comedian. Well, at least his personal life is on the up and up, right?

Is Steve Harvey’s marriage in trouble?

Divorce rumors are a dime a dozen. Earlier this year, Wendy Williams divorcing her husband, Kevin Hunter, was the talk of the town. Upon returning to her show, she quickly shut down everything the tabloids and fans had said about their relationship. Sporting her wedding band and speaking confidently, it seemed like everything was going well. That is, until they actually called it quits.

Well, now that the cats out of the bag, it looks like it’s time for the media to shift their attention to another celebrity with a “failing” marriage. This time it’s Harvey on the chopping block. RadarOnline posted a pretty insane article saying he was in the midst of a “divorce war.” The report says that Harvey is working on liquidating his assets and moving things into his name to avoid a lengthy divorce scenario — something he’s quite familiar with.

“Marjorie will end up divorcing him and taking him for everything he’s got!” – Ruth Littrell (His second wife’s sister)

It also talks about his history with infidelity, his wife’s over-the-top spending habits, and the fact that she’s not afraid to walk out once the money dries up. All very juicy, albeit harsh comments and accusations.

What did Steve Harvey’s wife have to say about the divorce rumors?

Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Harvey, has decided to speak up against the tirade of rumors being flung at her and her hubby. According to her, they’re doing just fine. The matriarch went on to say that they don’t feed into the gossip, really they rise above it all. In response to the rumors, the pair even released a funny video on Instagram featuring Steve’s son, Broderick. It’s easy to see through the couple’s chemistry that things really are fine.

“That’s when the devil has all his little things, doing what they do. But, we’re above that. We’re covered.” – Marjorie Harvey

That’s not all though. These rumors popped up at the same time the bad news broke about NBC pulling Steve’s show. Marjorie doesn’t even look at that as a bad thing! In her eyes, it just means new doors will open and they’ll have time to work on other projects they’ve had waiting in the wings. Unless things turn sour like they did with Williams, it looks like all is well in the Harvey household.

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