Taylor Swift has been crushing the game ever since she first debuted in the music industry back in 2006. Although she started off her career as a country singer, Swift slowly transitioned to pop music and has yet to look back.The pop transformation was one of the best decisions Taylor Swift cold have made, considering she has become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. With sold-out tours, number one albums, and successful Netflix docs, Swift is untouchable at the moment!Despite being at the top, Taylor Swift has found herself subject to a lot of crazy rumours. From dating to feuds, insuring her legs, and not having a belly button, here are some of the craziest rumours that we’re certain Taylor wishes would just disappear for good!

13The “LWYMMD” Video Was About Katy Perry

Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do

It is no secret that Taylor Swift has been the focal point of many feuds, one of which reportedly involved Katy Perry. It was said that Taylor’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ music video had many hidden Easter eggs pointing to Katy, however, Swift and her team made sure that folks knew it was not true.

12Her Entire Team Forced Her To Stop Dating

Taylor Swift Management

In addition to feuding with a number of other pop stars, Taylor Swift has also found herself in a lot of hot water when it comes to her dating partners. The stat has been called out quite a lot for her past romantic adventures, and it was said that her team got so tired of it that they forced her to stop dating for a period of time.

11She Is Secretly A Cult Leader

Taylor Swift Look Alike Satanic Cult Leader

Now this one may be the most far fetched of them all, and Taylor agrees. Back in the 80s, a satanic cult leader, Zeena LaVey, was interviewed, and all these years later, the video has resurfaced and people are confused. Taylor Swift has been said to have a shocking resemblance to Zeena, causing thousands of people to believe that she is the reincarnated version of Zeena, despite her being alive and well today, says Mashable.

10Her Open Letter To Apple Was Pre-Planned

Taylor Swift Open letter To Apple

In 2015, Taylor Swift had decided to take it upon herself at 4 in the morning to release an open letter to Apple. The artist wrote about other singers being paid for their music to be streamed on the company’s streaming service. Apple granted Swift’s wishes days later, and people were slightly confused. Not only did Apple work out her demands awfully fast, but many fans were suspicious of whether this was planned or not, considering Taylor had just severed ties with Spotify at the time, making for the perfect opportunity for both Taylor and Apple to get Apple Music in the top spot.

9She Carries Absolutely Nothing In Her Purses

Taylor Swift Carries Empty Purses

If you have ever seen a Taylor Swift paparazzi shot, or have spotted her yourself, then you know she is always carrying around a fancy and elegant handbag, however, rumour has it that there isn’t anything in them! Many people believe that handbags are always filled with heavy items, making Taylor’s carrying method of extreme ease very suspicious.

8Her Time With Tom Hiddleston Was A PR Stunt

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Relationship

As mentioned previously, Taylor Swift has been known for her past dating records, and every one of them brought her bad publicity. One of her most head-scratching dating moments was with actor Tom Hiddleston. The duo “dated” back in 2016, and despite everyone wondering if they were serious or not, neither Swift or Tom commented. This led many to believe that this was a PR stunt to promote Tom’s newest movie and Taylor’s newest music video.

7“No, It’s Becky” Takes A Turn For The Best

Taylor Swift No Its Becky

This is definitely our all-time favourite thing ever when it comes to Taylor Swift! A photo of a girl named Becky at her prom surfaced on the web back in 2014, telling the dark tale of her drug overdose led people looking at the pic twice. As it turns out, it’s actually a young Taylor Swift, as reported by MTV, and while many people told the original poster of the photo that it was Swift, their only response was: “No, it’s Becky”, sparking the most hilarious Becky trend ever where Swift herself wore a shirt with that very quote!

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6Her Legs Are Insured For Millions

Taylor Swift Legs Insured $40 million

Taylor Swift is without a doubt one of the biggest singers at the moment, not only has she had major success with her newest album, “Lover”, but she’s also released a mega-successful Netflix documentary. Considering just how massive she is right now, rumours claim that she has her model-like legs insured for a whopping $40 million!

5That She’s Written Songs About Zac Efron

taylor Swift Zac Efron Song

Taylor Swift and Zac Efron had been friends for years and were even rumoured to have been dating during their time working on ‘The Lorax’ together. The two never confirmed nor denied the rumours, however, after releasing new music, it was said that Swift wrote a number of songs about Efron, including ‘Girl At Home’.

4She Has Taken A Dip In The Lady Pond

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Kiss

Taylor Swift has primarily dated men, as far as we know, however, things took a turn back in 2014 when she was allegedly spotted locking lips with bestie, Karlie Kloss. According to this TMZ video, Swift and Karlie attended a concert together and were spotted kissing, leading many to begin wondering whether the two were secretly in a relationship.

3Her Feud With Kanye Was A Mutual-Benefiting Plan


2009 sparked one of the most savage MTV VMA moments in history! While Swift was accepting her award for ‘Music Video Of The Year’, Kanye West ran on stage, grabbed the mic from her, and shouted to the masses that the award deserved to be given to Beyonce. This didn’t go over well, and it’s still a topic of discussion to this very day! Although this all sounds awful, many people believe that both Kanye and Taylor agreed to do this for mutually benefiting purposes, as they both had new music coming out.

2She Does Not Have A Belly Button


Taylor Swift has been rampaged with a number of crazy rumours, however, this one definitely tops the list! According to a number of sources, Taylor Swift does not have a belly button. Many people claim they have never seen it, others say she wears clothes high enough to cover up the fact that she’s missing a belly button. Luckily, a quick search would render that rumour completely untrue.

1She Buys Homes Next To Men She Likes

Taylor Swift Buys Homes Next To Men

Taylor Swift has been taking a break from the dating game, and while she’s been doing that, she has been buying properties just about everywhere from Rhode Island, New York and Beverly Hills. A few rumours began spreading that Swift purchases homes close to male pubic figures that she likes in hopes of sparking something between them. Not only is this completely farfetched, but can’t a girl just buy a house to buy a house nowadays?