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The IQ Scores Of These Politicians and Celebs are unbelievable – Trump’s IQ is Surprising


The IQ Scores Of These Politicians and Celebs are unbelievable – Trump’s IQ is Surprising

Do you wonder if celebs and politicians have high IQs? You may be surprised to find that a lot of stars not only graduated from top-rated universities but also possess high IQs.

An average IQ score ranges between 90 and 110.

James Woods, 180

Politicians And Celebs With The Highest And Lowest IQ Scores

An award winning performer, James Wood is best known for his roles in Salvador, Casino, The Way We Were, Hercules, and some more. Apart from his acting vocation skill, he also has a splendid personality with an expected IQ score of 180.

He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he had wanted to study as an eye specialist. He, at last, decided to leave MIT to start an acting vocation.

Sasha Obama, 146

Politicians And Celebs With The Highest And Lowest IQ Scores

Sasha Obama has the highest IQ score in her family, with an expected score of 146. With a score this way, it will energize the 16-year-old’s instructive voyage as she goes higher from the Sidwell Friends School.

Will she follow her sister’s example and study at Harvard University? We would know eventually, yet Sasha is obviously fit for accomplishing a noteworthy measure of achievement.

Colin Firth, 160

Politicians And Celebs With The Highest And Lowest IQ Scores

Colin Firth is way more other than just a performer, best known for his depiction of characters such as King George VI in 2010’s, The King’s Speech and as Fitzwilliam Darcy in the 1995 TV adjustment of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

He has an expected IQ score of 160 and studied at the Barton Peveril Sixth Form College in Eastleigh. He also learned at the Drama Center London.

Conan O’Brien, 160

Politicians And Celebs With The Highest And Lowest IQ Scores

Conan O’Brien isn’t your regular moderator. He is actually a comedic virtuoso. With an expected IQ score of 160, little wonder he was a  valedictorian of his secondary school class and moved on from Harvard University with degrees in both history and writing.

Shortly after his graduation, he started his vocation as a draw author for Saturday Night Live, frequently showing up in his portrayals.

Melania Trump, 130

Being the First Lady of the United States. She is a former model who was conceived in Slovenia. In view of her position, individuals wouldn’t expect her to have an expected IQ of 130 and an instructive foundation from the University of Ljubljana in engineering and plan.

She is also multilingual, she speaks English six dialects: Slovenian, French, Serbian, German, Italian, and English.

Ashton Kutcher, 160

Ashton Kutcher rose to fame from his performance on That ’70s Show and has showed up in various motion pictures from that point forward. In any case, it may be surprising that Ashton Kutcher has an amazing evaluated IQ score of 160 and he wasn’t initially going to be a  performing artist.

He studied at the University of Iowa, where he planned to become a  biomedical designer. He eventually left to seek after a displaying and acting profession.

Michelle Obama, 125

Michelle Obama was more than a trophy spouse to her presidential husband. With an expected IQ score of 125, Michelle studied at  Princeton University and after that got a law degree from Harvard University, similar to her husband.

Michelle utilized her position as First Lady of the United States to lead a few battles, which includes the battle to end youth stoutness and sexual orientation disparity.

Barron Trump, 136

Barron Trump, 11, is the only offspring of Donald and Melania Trump, and he is more astute than most children his age. He has an expected IQ score of 136, and he is fluent in two dialects: English and Slovenian (a social blend of his folks).

Barron currently an understudy at the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in Manhattan.

Emma Watson, 138

It shouldn’t be too astounding that Emma Watson who won watchers’ hearts as Hermione Granger character in the Harry Potter arrangement is likewise staggeringly shrewd. With an expected IQ score of 138, Watson moved on from Brown University when she bagged a four year college education in English writing.

She’s an advocate for ladies’ rights, she established the UN Women crusade HeForShe, which calls out to men to advocate sexual orientation equity.

George W. Bush, 124

Part of George  W. Bramble’s terms as the 43rd President of the United States, was for him to take the IQ test. The result revealed that he has an expected IQ score of 124 and moved on from Yale University and Harvard Business School.

Barack Obama, 141

The 44th President of the United States is frequently referred to as the “coolest” President ever,  he likewise exceedingly canny. With an IQ of 141, Obama studied at Columbia University for his undergraduate program in political theory and English writing.

He bagged a law degree from Harvard University. This prepared him for his inevitable eight years as President.

Tiffany Trump, 118

President Trump’s younger daughter girl keeps a lower profile than her more established half-kin. Having an expected IQ score of 118, the 24-year-old is a present law understudy at Georgetown University.

Like the rest in the family, she additionally went to the University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate instruction. It’s a family custom to be an Ivy League understudy.

Matt Damon, 160

Matt Damon may have played an unrecognized virtuoso in Good Will Hunting movie, however it shows up he is in deed a  virtuoso, all things considered.

With an IQ score of 160, Damon studied at Harvard University, where he discovered his love for composing and composed an early draft of the screenplay for Good Will Hunting. He got an Academy Award for the screenplay in the year 1998.

Malia Obama, 139

It appears that  Malia Obama has inherited her folks’ insight. With an expected IQ score of 139, the 19-year-old is currently an undergrad at Harvard University.

She spent the mid year of 2016 as an understudy in the U.S. International safe haven in Madrid, Spain.

Bill O’Reilly, 150

Bill O’Reilly might easily be remembered for his political discourse on his previous link appear, The O’Reilly Factor, yet he also got a close immaculate SAT score (1585 out of 1600).

He has an expected IQ score of 150, which made it possible for him to acquire two graduate degrees: one from Boston University in Broadcast Journalism and the other in Public Administration from Harvard University.

Donald Trump – IQ 156

When Trump was just a teenager, he attended the New York Military Academy. He later attended Fordham University. He eventually got transferred to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, since it was one of the few schools that taught studies in real estate. He has an approved IQ of 156.

Sharon Stone – 154

Sharon Stone is not only pretty, but she’s also a shrewd one! She’s said to have an IQ of 154 and has claimed that in the event that she connected to Mensa, she’d probably be acknowledged.


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