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The real reason Kelly Ripa can’t stand Ellen DeGeneres

Kelly Ripa, Ellen DeGeneres


The real reason Kelly Ripa can’t stand Ellen DeGeneres

It’s no secret that talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres has been known to ruffle a few (okay, a lot of) feathers. But many were surprised to learn that soap-opera-star-turned-talk-show-host Kelly Ripa may have joined the roster of celebrities who can’t stand DeGeneres. Rumor has it the feud first ignited when DeGeneres took it upon herself to invite Ripa’s arch-nemesis and former co-host, Michael Strahan, on her show.
Kelly Ripa, Ellen DeGeneres
Morning show viewers may recall that in 2016, Strahan announced his departure from the Live! With Kelly and Michael show and started a new gig at Good Morning America. The decision didn’t exactly go over well with Ripa, as a source told The New York Times that she “felt blindsided.” And according to certain tabloids, if Ripa is giving someone the silent treatment, she expects everyone else in her circle to do the same — including DeGeneres. Here’s what really went down between the two.
Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan had a major falling-out
Kelly Ripa Michael Strahan
First, let’s explore how Michael Strahan became Kelly Ripa’s nemesis in the first place. According to The New York Times, the timing of his departure had a lot do with it. Ripa reportedly found out about Strahan’s leaving mere moments before the announcement was made to the public. In a moment of defiance, Ripa chose not to return to work for the rest of the week. That’ll show ’em.
Strahan, however, put his best professional foot forward and had only kind things to say about his departure and his relationship with Ripa. “My time with Live! With Kelly and Michael has been transformative, and my departure will be bittersweet. Kelly has been an unbelievable partner, and I am so thankful to her and the entire team,” the former professional athlete said in a statement at the time (via The Washington Post).
The statement left many fans scratching their heads and wondering who was really to blame for all of the animosity. Could Strahan have handled his departure better, or was Ripa just being a Bitter Betty? One source told People that Ripa felt “hurt and betrayed on so many levels” by Strahan, though Strahan later defended himself, pointing out that his reassignment wasn’t in his control — it was ABC’s decision (via Deadline).
Four years later, the story of that feud is still unfolding. Clearly, it was a heated time — and then Ellen DeGeneres got involved.
Kelly Ripa felt ‘betrayed’ by Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen Degeneres
Ellen DeGeneres may have unintentionally inserted herself into the morning show drama by inviting Michael Strahan onto her own talk show in October 2017. According to tabloid reports, Kelly Ripa felt “betrayed.” A source told Star that Ripa was “livid” because DeGeneres’ “cozying up with Michael was like telling the world she had taken his side and was taunting Kelly” (via Gossip Cop). The source added, “What Ellen did to Kelly was just plain mean. She should be ashamed of herself.” The report even said that DeGeneres reached out to Kelly Ripa to “beg” for forgiveness afterward.
A source close to DeGeneres reportedly told Gossip Cop that Star’s story is a “joke” and has no truth to it, so perhaps Ripa and DeGeneres aren’t on such bad terms after all.
But that wouldn’t be the first time that DeGeneres has offended another big name in the industry. Rumors have also circulated in the past that she’s not exactly sweet as pie to the writers on her show. In a blog post that has since been deleted, an anonymous source accused DeGeneres of her treating her writers “like s**t” (via Gawker).
Though we may never know for sure what goes on behind the scenes with DeGeneres, there are stories of her being at odds with everyone from Mark Ruffalo to Drew Barrymore.
Kelly Ripa has been on bad terms with other popular TV hosts
Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa
Ellen DeGeneres may be (in)famous for not getting along with plenty of people in the industry. However, it turns out that Kelly Ripa has been involved in sour situations with more than just DeGeneres and her ex-cohost Michael Strahan. Ripa has also been on less-than-friendly terms with another popular television personality: none other than Regis Philbin.
For years, Philbin was one of the top TV personalities, along with his co-host Kathie Lee Gifford. When Gifford left their show behind, Ripa took her place. And while there were plenty of smiles and entertaining banter between the pair when the cameras were rolling, apparently Philbin and Ripa experienced drama behind the scenes. Things didn’t improve at all when Philbin decided to make his exit from the show and Ripa felt like she should have been informed about what was going on (which, TBH, kind of sounds like what she went through with Strahan).
Not to mention Ripa’s tiff with Bachelor host Chris Harrison when she said the show “disgusts” her, according to The Washington Post, as well as what OK! Magazine deemed a “nasty battle” with host Megyn Kelly over another possible betrayal and time slot tension. There’s also the time Rosie O’Donnell called Ripa “mean” and accused her of “gay-bashing,” per Us Weekly.
DeGeneres, Strahan, Philbin, Harrison, Kelly, and O’Donnell? Maybe Ripa just isn’t into other TV hosts. You know, other than her longtime on-air buddy Ryan Seacrest.
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