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The Reason We Don’t See Jessica Alba in Movies Anymore


The Reason We Don’t See Jessica Alba in Movies Anymore

There was a period in Hollywood when you couldn’t see a movie without Jessica Alba starring in it. She was one of the best-known stars. From ‘Sin City’, ‘Honey’ to ‘Fantastic Four’, she was everywhere. Then, all of sudden, things in her personal life started happening that affected her professional life, and we started seeing less of her.

Unplanned things happen to everyone, even to those in Hollywood. Things that happened to Jessica Alba are things that pushed her forward her new path in life. Let’s discover what exactly happened to Alba and how she overcome obstacles from her troubled past. Moreover, let’s see how her new and unexpected path in life and career was coined.

Jessica Alba war born into a modest family in California. Her Mexican-American father worked nights as a cook, while her mother was flipping burgers during the day and bartended by night.

Alba often said that she knew that something was missing in her family. She even said once: “I always thought I was born into the wrong family, that I was… royalty and nobody knew it but me.” Maybe this attitude gave her the strength to overcome the biggest obstacles in her life.

From a young age, Jessica’s self-confessed sense of entitlement got her into numerous problems. Her rebellious attitude didn’t help. Simply said, she was problematic.

Being a rebellious girl in a Christian house next to a father employed in the U.S. Army, wasn’t easy for sure. Her schooling didn’t help as well. She had a run-up with a teacher in preschool, that formed her life.

One day in school while writing something in class her teacher approached her. The teacher noticed Alba writing with her left hand, which was unacceptable. So, her teacher forced her to change that habit.

Jessica was forced to practice writing with her right hand. No one could explain to her why she has to do it, and she couldn’t understand it on herself. She said, “I have had a big problem with authority ever since.” That rebellious attitude from a young age took her to unexpected places.

Her parents feel in love young and had two kids, Jessica and her brother Joshua. Jessica once told Rolling Stone, that it felt like “we all grew up together.” At a very young age, she noticed that her life was different than her peers. And she wanted out.

When she was five she told everyone that she wants to act and that she is going to be an actress. Not everyone took her for serious. But she was on a mission to prove them wrong.

While growing up, Jessica had more problems than just young parents. Her parents have rather a diverse ancestry, including French, Mexican, and Danish. For a child its not easy to bear with so much diversity.

She felt like she didn’t belong anywhere. She didn’t see her self in a positive light. That was about to change.

Alba was raised by a religious Christian family with many strict house rules. They even had a rule – no intimacy before marriage. So, while growing up Jessica was always dressing pretty modestly.

However, although she didn’t want enormous attention, she just couldn’t escape from being noticed, by men mostly. She wasn’t excited about it.

Jessica was often approached by older men which made her feel scared and uncomfortable. She decided to talk with her youth pastor. But the pastor made a comment about her choice of clothes that made her even more miserable.

Alba started feeling self-conscious about her body. She couldn’t know at that moment, but that will change for her.

When she was 11, Alba convinced her mother to take her to an open acting contest in Beverly Hills. The prize was free acting classes.

Only a year after she was signed by a talent agent, Jessica started in her first film, comedy ‘Camp Nowhere’. She was already a young woman, modeling, and doing commercials. She was preparing for bigger things.

Jessica’s career kicked off when she was hired to play in show ‘Flipper’. It was filmed in Australia, and that’s where strange events started happening.

Calls continued and she still ignored them. Until one day while on a set, someone came behind her and snatched her off the set.

Soon after the crew noticed that Alba is missing, they started looking for her. After a few hours, they decided to contact the local police. Alba was a minor, so the police took is beyond serious.

It was almost 14th hours of Jessica’s disappearance. Luckily, they manage to find her, but they couldn’t believe their eyes.

She was tied up and gagged in the trunk of the car. This was a real-life movie scene. However, she didn’t let this moment shake her life or her career. So, she continued building her name.

After the unfortunate event, Jessica continued working on her career. She landed a role in ‘Dark Angel’ where she met Michael Weatherly. For Michael, she broke the ‘nothing before the marriage’ rule.

In 2004, Alba hit another career milestone, by playing the Invisible Woman, in Fantastic Four. While on the set she met someone special.

At the time, Jessica was dating someone else. Therefore, Warren had to be put into a friend zone. Still, he was determined not to stay there too long, so he made a move.

Alba had to do what was expected from her, so she ended her relationship with her boyfriend at the time. She started dating Warren,. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

Warren was very jealous, so Alba decided to leave him. However, they got back together after a few months and they had some big news soon after.

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