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The truth about Holmes and Holmes


The truth about Holmes and Holmes

The truth about Holmes and Holmes

They’re the father and son duo that have been revolutionising DIY, but if you think you knew everything about them, think again.

Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. took their relationship to the next level when they joined forces in Holmes and Holmes. While the series features their home renovations, their candid approach also allows an insight into their work and life balance which so many love. But if you think you know all about Mike Sr. and Mike Jr., think again. Here are some things you may not know:

About Mike Sr:

Teaching was his backup plan

As host of multiple renovation series’ over his long career, Mike Sr. has dedicated his time to sharing tips and encouraging people to learn more skills. It then doesn’t come as a suprise to learn that if he didn’t pursue a career in construction, he would have studied to be a teacher.

Building isn’t his only skill

While he may be only known for his DIY and construction work, it’s not the only stuff he’s good at. Away from work, he likes to let loose on the drum kit. Yep, he’s a skilled drummer and has been for quite some time. Talk about talented!


He’s about good vibes only

Mike Sr. may have a tough exterior, but away from set he likes the slower pace of life. To recharge, the contractor likes to turn up some reggae music and soak up the positive vibes. Can we be invited next time?

He’s got an interesting resume 

Mike Sr. had quite the colourful career before construction – his most unique job being an abseiling window cleaner. Mike became extremely skilled at this risky profession, and was flown to China to train others. Is there anything this man can’t do?

About Mike Jr:

He’s got a secret pass-time

He may be a gym junkie and work on a construction site, but when Mike Jr. dusts off his boots he’s really just like the rest of us. After a long day, Mike likes to snuggle up with his wife, Lisa, put on a rom-com and sink into the couch. Perfection.

He first appeared on a DIY series at age 14 

With his father being at the helm of over 15 DIY series throughout his career, it was only natural to bring his teenage son on set and appear in the series. It was this exposure that led to Mike Jr. getting his first taste of working on a renovation show, and would later lead him to his current career.



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