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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson: Sad marriage news


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson: Sad marriage news

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson: Sad marriage news

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s marriage is in trouble because of his ‘cold and controlling’ ways – that’s according to a shock report published in the US today.

The couple are said to have his a rough patch with insiders claiming that after 28-years, mild-mannered Rita is fed up of taking a backseat to her husband’s career and dealing with his alleged mood swings.

A source told Star magazine: ‘Tom has this folksy Regular Joe image, but he can be cold and controlling, which puts a lot of stress on Rita.

‘Things are going downhill fast. Rita appears so miserable friends feel it could only be a matter of time before she pulls the plug.’

Also weighing heavy on the couple is their wayward 26-year-old son Chet, who attended rehab for cocaine and alcohol use in 2014, only to relapse a few months later, and after another turbulent year he disappeared for an entire month without his parents knowing his whereabouts.

The insider added: ‘Chet’s situation is stressful enough for them but its even worse because they don’t agree on how to help Chet and prevent him from destroying himself.

‘Tom can be heavy handed and overbearing with Rita but he’s the complete opposite with his son. Rita takes a tough love approach and thinks Tom is too easy on him. In some ways she blames Tom for Chet’s problems.’

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