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Tom Selleck Clears Up The “Three Men and a Baby” Ghost Rumor


Tom Selleck Clears Up The “Three Men and a Baby” Ghost Rumor

Tom Selleck was one of the stars of a classic 80s hit directed by Leonard Nimoy entitled Three Men and a Baby.  The other stars were Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson.   The movie about three grown men bachelors living together in NYC when a baby is suddenly dropped on their doorstep was a novel idea at the time and audiences loved it.  Watching three men without any women around trying to take care of a baby was highly entertaining and comical.  But if you fast forward to today, one of the things that’s highly remembered about the film is a scene where people believe a ghost appeared in the movie.

It’s a scene that’s shot in a living room and you see a figure behind a curtain. Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Tom Selleck put any ghost rumors to bed.  The rumor has it that a young boy actually died on the set of Three Men and a Baby and that’s the “ghost” you see in the film.   Apparently a 9 year old boy committed suicide in the Three Men and a Baby apartment.   The reality is that the film was shot on a sound stage.   Here’s the picture:

If you look on the left side you clearly see a figure.  Turns out the the figure was a cut out figure of Ted Danson’s self involved character.  Selleck always thought it was a full size poster.  Here’s the full clip from the show:  Can you believe this movie is coming up on 30 years old?


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