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Tom Selleck Ready To Retire From Show Business?

Tom Selleck wearing a dark jacket.


Tom Selleck Ready To Retire From Show Business?

Tom Selleck wearing a dark jacket.

Is Tom Selleck preparing to hang his boots up for good? One tabloid claims the Blue Bloods star is preparing to retire.

Leaving Hollywood Behind?

According to OK!, Tom Selleck could be quitting Hollywood for good and retiring from show business. An insider said: “he’s tired of the grind, and the show just takes more and more out of him every season.” Selleck is apparently struggling to keep up with the production of Blue Bloods, and the insider says the time off between shoots is “still not enough” for him to catch his breath.

Instead, Selleck is going to focus on his family. A source said Selleck is “more of a family man than a Hollywood star,” and “he wants to spend more time with them.” While the crew is sad to see Selleck leave, an insider said “Tom’s got plenty to keep him busy – and he looks forward to kicking back on the days he doesn’t.”

He’s Not Retiring

OK! has no hard evidence to back up its narrative, and instead relies solely on the word of so-called “insiders.” This story is simply not true. A rep for Selleck told Gossip Cop on the record, “Tom is not retiring. End of story.” There is no room for interpretation there, and we’re going to believe the word of someone who actually knows Selleck over the word of a tabloid “insider”.

In an interview with People last year, Selleck himself spoke about the future of Blue Bloods. He said, “I think there is a lot of life in the show, as long as you let your characters grow and get older.” These are not the words of someone eyeballing retirement in the near future.

A Tired Narrative

Gossip Cop encounters stories constantly about Selleck stepping away from Hollywood. In 2019, the National Enquirer claimed Selleck was leaving Blue Bloods over health concerns, but he’s now done two seasons since that report. It later said he was going blind, which is totally false too. Selleck’s health is in tip-top shape, and tabloids only target him because of his age.

OK! shares an owner with both the Enquirer and Star. Each of these tabloids has now claimed that Selleck is retiring in the last year. Blue Bloods is still a major asset for CBS, and there’s no reason for Selleck to step away from a show he loves doing. The tabloids are just getting lazy at this point, for Selleck is not retiring.

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