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Truth About Kelly Ripa’s Relationship With Michael Strahan


Truth About Kelly Ripa’s Relationship With Michael Strahan

A Smiling Michael Strahan taking Kelly Ripa's hand as she laughs.

It’s been long rumored Kelly Ripa doesn’t get along with her fellow co-hosts. One person in particular who allegedly rubbed the actress the wrong way is Michael Strahan. The former football player co-hosted the daytime talk show, Live with Kelly and Michael from 2012 to 2016. After his departure, Strahan became a full-time contributor on Good Morning America. This had led tabloids to make claims Ripa and Strahan may have had a strained relationship. Gossip Cop has rounded up a few stories we’ve investigated about Ripa and Strahan supposedly not getting along.

Kelly Ripa And Michael Strahan’s Awkward Emmys Run-In

In April 2018, Life & Style purported Ripa and Strahan would have an awkward run-in at the Daytime Emmy Awards. The tabloid claimed Ripa was bracing herself for an uncomfortable confrontation with Strahan since she was nominated for an award with her new co-host, Ryan Seacrest. However, Gossip Cop corrected the phony report. We spoke to a rep for Ripa who confirmed the host wasn’t going to be in attendance at the ceremony. Plus, Ripa hadn’t appeared at the annual awards ceremony since 2003. Therefore, there wasn’t any “awkward” face-to-face meeting Ripa or Strahan had to prepare for.

Michael To Kelly: Take Me Back!

Later the website, RadarOnline, alleged Strahan begged Ripa to take him back. A supposed “network source” spilled to the outlet Strahan regretted leaving the daytime talk show as he was the “third banana” on Good Morning America. The dubious insider further contended Strahan and his team were “working on a strategy” on how to approach Ripa even though she had “replaced” him with Ryan Seacrest. Gossip Cop, however, checked with more reliable sources from ABC studios who deemed the piece to be absurd. Additionally, Strahan wanted to leave Live and stated he had no regrets about doing so.

Yet, the tabloids were convinced some sort of drama happened at ABC studios. The unreliable publications even tried to throw in other colleagues of Strahan in the mix of everything.

Kelly Gloated As Robin Roberts Feuds With Michael?

In February 2017, the National Enquirer alleged Robin Roberts was feuding with Strahan. The paper posted pictures of what appeared to be an epic on-set confrontation between the GMA hosts and the producers. The supposed fight was so bad that Strahan had to be escorted to another area of the set while Roberts complained about the situation. Gossip Cop was able to clarify the entire narrative by explaining the man in the pictures was not a producer of GMA, but ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi. Also, the trio wasn’t arguing. The unreliable publication also dragged Ripa into the dramatic tale by claiming she had gotten her revenge against Strahan.

Michael Got Booted From GMA?

A year later, the Enquirer once again tried to maintain the former NFL star was in hot water at the popular morning talk show by claiming Michael Strahan was getting booted from GMA. This time the paper insisted Strahan and his new co-host, Sarah Haines were trying “too hard” to be like Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. A supposed source then added ABC executives were being turned off by Strahan’s “macho behavior” and were “talking about an exit strategy for Michael for months.” Gossip Cop checked with an actual source from ABC who assured us Strahan was loved by at the studio.

The truth is, Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa get along just fine and there isn’t any bad blood between them. Despite what the tabloids have tried to convey. Strahan spoke about his reasons for wanting to leave Live and they had nothing to do with Ripa, who he has praised and continues to speak highly of.

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