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Truth About Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Splitting


Truth About Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Splitting

Kit Harington Rose Leslie split truth

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie‘s romance, both on screen and off, has always drawn a ton of attention. This attention, of course, also comes with plenty of false rumors about the couple splitting. Here are a few of those fake stories Gossip Cop has debunked.

In August 2018, OK! came up with the rumor that Harington was so depressed over Game of Thrones ending that his marriage was about to fall apart. “Rose understands how he feels,” a “source” told the tabloid, “but she wants him to snap out of it so they can go on a honeymoon.” The outlet didn’t hold back in its jabs at Harington. “This should be the happiest time of their life and Kit is spending it crying in a corner over a TV show,” the alleged tipster said.

However, Harington had made it clear in interviews that he thought the show was ending at “the right time” and was anticipating the freedom to explore other opportunities and distancing himself from his character of Jon Snow. Additionally, there was a plethora of photos of the couple showing off some public affection around the time the story was published.

After Harington checked into a wellness facility to treat personal issues earlier this year, the tabloids saw another opportunity to pounce on the actor. Woman’s Day falsely claimed Harington was desperately trying to save his marriage after he left the rehab clinic. The outlet alleged the actor “got his act together” to “keep his marriage intact.” A supposed insider said, “He knows now more than ever that he needs to stay sober and focused, or risk her walking away.”

Of course, the article was incorrect. Gossip Cop checked with a source close to the situation, who told us that the tabloid was mistaken. Harington and Leslie happily celebrated their first wedding anniversary after he checked out of the facility.

Just a few weeks ago, NW decided to try their hand with a separate rumor about Harington’s marriage falling apart following his rehab stint. Citing yet another unnamed “source,” the tabloid alleged Harington had become such an “arrogant person” that it was driving Leslie away. The outlet then tried to connect Leslie’s vacation with Game of Thrones co-star Emilia Clarke to the whole situation, saying it was an opportunity for the two to “forget about their messy love lives” and the state of Leslie’s marriage.

Gossip Cop checked in with Harington’s spokesperson, who dismissed the premise entirely and added that Harington and Leslie remain “very much happily married.” We also pointed out that the reason Harington entered rehab was to help cope with the stress of his success and fame, which isn’t something an overtly arrogant person would do. By all accounts, the couple spent a happy summer together with no signs of fights or issues in their relationship. Harington and Leslie continue to remain happily married, despite the gossip media’s attempts to break them up.

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