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Try Not To Gasp When You See Meghan Markle Withou Makeup


Try Not To Gasp When You See Meghan Markle Withou Makeup

There is no denying that Meghan Markle is the epitome of a natural beauty. Known for her naturally radiant complexion, Markle’s effortless approach to beauty skyrocketed in popularity (behold the ‘Meghan effect’) the very moment she stepped out at St. George’s Chapel to wed her now-husband, Prince Harry, back in May. Always one to embrace her natural features (hello, freckles), Meghan has an affinity with minimalist makeup that began long before her days as a Duchess. Here, we run you through everything you need to know about Meghan Markle’s signature look and how you can emulate it yourself.

Meghan Markle without makeup

In May 2018, Meghan Markle will officially become royalty — after marrying Prince Harry, that is. It would difficult to find an unflattering image of Markle on the web — not that you should try, of course. She seems to have a constant glow, whether she’s wearing a full face of makeup or none at all.

These days, you’ll notice Markle with a bit of makeup but she never goes overboard, which we’re sure Queen Elizabeth appreciates. There’s a reason Markle prefers the barely-there or even no makeup look: her freckles. “To this day,” she explained in an interview with Refinery29, “my pet peeve is when my skin tone is changed and my freckles are airbrushed out.”

Markle’s former hairstylist and makeup artist, Lydia F. Sellers, agreed, telling Refinery29 in another interview, “Every time I’d do her makeup, she’d say, ‘Can we just make sure my freckles are peeking through? I don’t want a ton of foundation.'” Way to embrace what you’ve got, Megs!

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