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Victoria Osteen: The truth about Joel Osteen’s wife

Victoria Osteen


Victoria Osteen: The truth about Joel Osteen’s wife

Victoria Osteen

Victoria Osteen has been married to the famous televangelist, Joel Osteen, for more than 30 — yes, 3-0 — years. During that time, she’s managed to not only support her husband and his career goals, but also accomplish many of her own goals as well. In fact, Victoria has come a very long way from the early days of working in her mother’s jewelry store, all while in the midst of the public’s very watchful eye. The wife and mother-of-two is described as “an inspiration and example to women everywhere who are balancing responsibilities both inside and outside the home” on her husband’s professional website.

But there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to this preacher’s wife. For starters, she’s also a pastor herself, serving as a co-pastor alongside her husband at their megachurch, Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading to learn even more about the woman behind the famous Joel Osteen.

Victoria Osteen and her husband have ‘grown together’ over the past 30 years

Victoria Osteen and Joel Osteen


The story goes that Victoria Osteen met her future husband when he came in to her mother’s jewelry store to purchase a watch battery, as reported by The Netline. Rumor has it the two started dating shortly after their first meeting. The pair married two years later on April 4, 1987. At first, the couple had zero aspirations of becoming pastors, but after much cajoling by his father, Joel Osteen finally decided to take the leap into preaching the gospel and Victoria quickly followed suit.

In a 2017 interview with Get Up! Mornings, Victoria opened up to host Erica Campbell about the couple’s transition into ministry work and described it as a “whole new ball game.” She went on to add, “When we married, we weren’t pastors. We were just two young people… We have grown together and learned together, and really learned how to love people together.” Victoria described their experience as “a beautiful place to be,” as well as “something [she] didn’t expect when [she] got married.” After all this time together, she said, “I’m still crazy about my husband after 30 years. I respect him, I honor him.”

As for their secret to a successful marriage, Victoria shared, “We carve out time for each other.” She added that they’ve always been “family-oriented,” including when it comes to staying close with their two children.

Victoria Osteen is an accomplished author and created her own literacy program
Victoria Osteen
While Victoria Osteen’s husband Joel Osteen is a New York Times best-selling author seven times over, Victoria is a successful author in her own right, per Simon & Schuster’s website. Victoria published her first book in 2008 titled Love Your Life. The book was an instant success, making its way to the number two spot on the New York Times best-sellers list. Victoria went on to pen many children’s books, including a box set titled My Happy Heart, which aims to be an interactive message of inspiration for kids. In 2019, the accomplished author published yet another book titled, Exceptional You!

But the pastor-turned-author didn’t stop there. According to her husband’s website, Victoria went on to create her very own charity, the Victoria Osteen Literacy Program, in 2010. Per the site, the mission of Victoria’s charity is simple: “to help get books into the hands of children and break the cycle of illiteracy in the home.” Pretty noble mission, if we do say so ourselves.

Victoria Osteen got into a legal battle with a flight attendant

Victoria Osteen

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows for Victoria Osteen. The high-profile co-pastor’s reputation suffered a major blow after she was accused of physically assaulting a flight attendant in 2008. As reported by NBC News, Continental Airlines flight attendant, Sharon Brown, alleged that Victoria verbally and physically abused her when a spill on her armrest was not cleaned up quickly enough during a flight back in 2005. Victoria and her husband Joel Osteen denied any such attack took place.

Brown sought out punitive damages to the tune of a whopping 10% of Victoria’s net worth and a public apology. In the end, however, Brown was awarded neither as a jury found Victoria not guilty after only two hours of deliberating, per the New York Times. Outside the courtroom, Victoria was met with a barrage of media. “I’m glad it’s over,” Victoria said to the press. “It’s the truth, and the truth always stands firm.” As the old saying goes… the truth shall set you free.


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