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Why ‘Today’ Host Savannah Guthrie Was ‘Sobbing’ After Her Most Recent Eye Surgery


Why ‘Today’ Host Savannah Guthrie Was ‘Sobbing’ After Her Most Recent Eye Surgery

Savannah Guthrie has been the co-anchor of the NBC News morning show, Today since 2012, when she replaced Ann Curry. Hoda Kotb joined Guthrie as co-host in January 2018, combining to make up the morning program’s first female team to lead the show. Over the past several months, Guthrie has been dealing with several eye surgeries to repair an injury caused by her young son throwing a toy. Her most recent operation, she explained, was incredibly emotional.

How was ‘Today’ host Savannah Guthrie’s eye injured originally?

Today show

In November 2019, Guthrie went missing from the Today morning program for a few days.  The day before she was expected to present the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, she called in to explain her absence.

“I got hit,” said Guthrie. By who? None other than her son, Charley. “Charley through a toy train right at my eye. It tore my retina … I lost my vision about 24 hours later and it turned out to be kind of serious. They were afraid the retina was detached.”

In an Instagram post, Guthrie shared a photo of her son and the toy train which had a “pointy edge” that had accidentally hit her in the eye. Of course, Guthrie did not want her son to feel bad about the accident. At his young age, he didn’t fully understand the severity of the injury. Guthrie also shared that Charley took a hilarious pride in his actions, shouting, “I did it!” when Guthrie was telling her mother about the injury.

 How many kids do Savannah Guthrie and her husband have?

Guthrie and her husband Michael Feldman have two children, Vale, 5, and Charley, age 2. Guthrie and Feldman, a public relations consultant, married in Arizona in March of 2014. Charles was born in December of 2016.

How serious was the accident involving Guthrie’s son?

The freak accident caused a tear in her retina, meaning Guthrie’s injury was fairly severe. She underwent laser treatments in an effort to try to avoid surgery. However, on a call to Today, the co-host explained that despite these treatments, her vision remained blurry. NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar explained: “They’re essentially trying to weld back this tear in the retina very carefully … and avoid having to do a major surgery.”

Savannah Guthrie

More surgery was required in December 2019 for her eye injury

Unfortunately, despite multiple laser treatments, physicians determined the tear would require surgery to repair. In January, Guthrie called into the Today show again after her retinal repair.

“I’m going to get my vision back. I’m so grateful,” she said at the time. Her ophthalmologist explained the tear was on the side, rather than the center of her retina, so he was optimistic about a good recovery.

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